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2216, 29 Jul 19

Cross-State Loophole

One must always watch out for the Left’s next move in trying to control the language. Get this one...

California has some of the most stringent gun laws in the country, including a ban on the type of rifle that a shooter used to kill three and wound 15 at the garlic food festival in Gilroy on Sunday.

But the gunman had legally purchased the “assault-type rifle”, in the style of an AK-47, from the neighboring state Nevada on 9 July before carrying it illegally over state lines into California, highlighting what some gun control advocates say is a loophole in the way laws operate, state by state.


Several lawmakers have pointed at Sunday’s shooting to once again call for a federal law that would close this cross-state loophole.

So now the fact that states pass different laws according to the will of their own citizens is a “cross-state loophole.” No, it’s not a loophole. It’s federalism, and it’s a fundamental part of our system of government. It’s not a bug. It’s a feature.


2216, 29 July 2019


  1. Mike

    California’s CARB standards are why you can’t get a decent gas can. They want to rule over the rest of the country as well

  2. jjf

    Kind of like Texas and school books, hmm Mike?

  3. Jason

    >Kind of like Texas and school books, hmm Mike?

    More Non-Sequitur from our class dummy.  Get a job.

  4. Mar

    jjf, using a 6 year PBS source really isn’t that reliable, especially now. As a former teacher, the newer text books certainly are not conservative and neither is most curriculum. If anything, currently, book makers are more influenced by California, except for home school and some charter school text books.

  5. Jason

    I know I’m wasting my time, but why don’t you point out the sequitur between what a handful of California lawmakers are asking the federal government to do with your article?

    Here’s a hint, there is no relationship, just more stupidity from you.

  6. jjf

    The post is about guns. The first comment is about gas cans.  I point out another state-to-state influence that has been discussed for decades.

  7. Mar

    Yeah, jjf, but your point was disproven about Texas. Nice try, but again, proven wrong.

  8. Jason

    >I point out another state-to-state influence that has been discussed for decades

    I knew I was wasting my time. He can’t connect the two.

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