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2213, 21 Jun 19

Oregon State Legislators Flee State

It was stupid when the Democrats did it in Wisconsin. It’s stupid now.

Members of rightwing “patriot movement” groups have vowed to protect Republican senators in Oregon who have walked out of the state legislature in order to try and block the passage of climate legislation.

The move by the state senators – some of whom are believed to have fled to neighboring Idaho – was aimed at denying Democrats a quorum for passing landmark climate legislation. The proposed new Oregon law resembles California’s sweeping new “cap and trade” legislation.

After Oregon’s governor authorized state police to bring the 11 Republican senators back to the state house rightwing groups have said they will rally to their defense – raising the prospect of a potentially dangerous confrontation.


2213, 21 June 2019

1 Comment

  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    It is stupid.

    Amazingly heinous liberal Democrats oppose the dereliction of duty this time…


    This energy tax will kill Oregon BTW, but stand up vote no, and put the inhumanity and destruction all on these heinous libs!!!!

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