Evers Makes Sure Babies Can Still be Killed if they are the “Wrong” Race

Or if the baby is the “wrong” sex or whatever. What a wretched human being.

MADISON (AP) — Wisconsin’s Democratic Gov. Tony Evers has vetoed four abortion bills passed by the Republican-controlled Legislature.

One bill Evers vetoed Friday would have imposed criminal penalties on doctors who fail to give medical care in the extremely rare circumstance where a baby is born alive following an abortion attempt.

Other vetoed bills would have cut off Medicaid funding for Planned Parenthood; prohibited abortions based on the fetus’ race, sex or defects; and required providers to tell women seeking abortions using the drug mifepristone that the process may be reversed after the first dose.

2 Responses to Evers Makes Sure Babies Can Still be Killed if they are the “Wrong” Race

  1. Kevin Scheunemann says:

    Evers and his liberal ilk are wretched baby killers.


  2. MjM says:

    Well, why would you expect otherwise? Demorats believe humans are not human. That inconvenient “thing” is just a glob of random defective biological cells of completely accidental origin.

    Meanwhile, not all heroes wear capes:

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