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1712, 05 Jun 19

Pro-Child Bills Pass Legislature

My State Senator was on the right side of history.

Madison, WI – Today, the Wisconsin Senate passed a package of bills aimed at protecting human life and ensuring that taxpayer dollars do not subsidize abortion clinics. Senator Duey Stroebel (R-Saukville) authored Assembly Bill 183, which directs the state Department of Health Services to exclude abortion clinics from the state’s Medicaid program, better known as BadgerCare.

State and federal law prohibit taxpayer funds from directly paying for abortions, but under Medicaid, abortion clinics may be reimbursed for non-abortion services provided to consumers.

After the vote, Stroebel made the following statement:

“This bill ensures that taxpayer funds do not subsidize the operations of any abortion clinic, it does not reduce funding for women’s care by a single penny. The killing of unborn children is wrong, and no taxpayer dollars should go to clinics that engage in this practice. Unfortunately, Wisconsin taxpayers gave the state’s largest abortion provider $94 million between 2011 and 2018. This bill ends that subsidy while preserving the funds for use by other women’s care providers.

“Pro-life legislative majorities have previously redirected state and federal family planning dollars away from abortion clinics, and this bill continues that theme. Additionally, a number of other states, including Iowa, Texas, South Carolina, Tennessee and Missouri have enacted legislation to this effect.

“It is important to note that there are more federally qualified health centers in Wisconsin than there are abortion clinics, and the $94 million previously sent to abortion clinics will now be able to flow to these other providers to provide true women’s healthcare.”

Stroebel also voted in favor of legislation requiring physicians to provide care to children who survive an abortion attempt, prohibit abortions based on the sex or genetic condition of a child, and enhance informed consent and reporting requirements related to abortion procedures.

Yes, Evers will veto these bills in his quest to kill more babies, but at least he will have to act on it.


1712, 05 June 2019


  1. dad29

    We note that Fitz & Vos NEVER considered this sort of bill while Walker was the Governor.  In fact, Fitzgerald did all he could to make certain that Andre Jacque would not serve in the Senate after Vos killed off Jacque’s similar legislation in the Assy.

    Further, we know that these bills will be vetoed AND they can not over-ride.

    IOW, Owen, Fitz, Vos (and a number of other Republicans) are as pro-abortion as is Tony Evers.   And they hope you–and a lot of others–fall for their dirty little scheme.

  2. Owen

    Indeed, they missed the opportunity to pass it when Walker was in office. I don’t think they are “as pro-abortion as Tony Evers.” I think they were just too afraid of losing their jobs to try and save some babies.

  3. dad29

    To whom would Vos or Fitzgerald “lose his job”?  It doesn’t look like Trump is a fearful little soy-boy and he’s (arguably) the most pro-life President since Abe Lincoln.

    The BEST you can say about them is that they chose to be lukewarm, and you know that reference.  And I repeat:  many of the Pubbies are just like Evers on this topic.

  4. jjf

    Don’t worry, you’ll still vote for them and still carry water for them.

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