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2009, 30 Mar 19

U.S. Cuts off Aid to Northern Triangle

Good. But we also need to do something with Mexico for allowing these caravans to traverse the length of their country unmolested. These countries are free to have whatever policies they want, but the American taxpayers don’t have to pay for it.

(CNN)The United States is cutting off aid to the Northern Triangle, otherwise known as the Central American countries of El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, the State Department told CNN Saturday, one day after President Donald Trump said they had “set up” migrant caravans for entry into the United States.


Officials would not say exactly how much money would be affected by the directive with some of it likely already spent. Between last year and this year, about $1.3 billion was allocated to the region with the vast majority of it going to those three countries, according to a study from the Congressional Research Service.


2009, 30 March 2019

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