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0940, 30 Mar 19

Evers “Re-Appoints” Appointees

Um, this is not compromise. Evers can’t “re-appoint” people whose appointments were never legally rescinded in the first place.

Gov. Tony Evers has moved to re-appoint many of the people he sought to pull off state boards and commissions last week even as the attorney for GOP lawmakers suggested the guv was violating an “unambiguous court order” in doing so.

In all, Evers announced 67 appointments Thursday, all of whom were on the list of 82 he rescinded last week after a Dane County judge nixed their appointments.

Those who didn’t make the cut included two members of the UW Board of Regents and Ellen Nowak, who tried unsuccessfully to return to the Public Service Commission Thursday morning, but was blocked from doing so.

Ahead of Evers’ move, GOP attorney Misha Tseytlin wrote a letter to the guv’s attorney warning against such action. The 3rd District Court of Appeals Wednesday issued a stay of Dane County Judge Niess’ ruling while the merits of the case are decided, and Tseytlin argued that order was “clear beyond any doubt” that the original 82 appointments be put back in place pending completion of the appeal.

Tseytlin noted Evers may believe his actions last Friday rescinded the appointments.

“But all that matters at the present time is that the Court of Appeals has clearly required that these appointments to be put back into place, meaning that the Governor would be in direct violation of the Court of Appeals’ order if he were to deny these 82 individuals their ‘potentially valid … appointments,’” he wrote, quoting from the 3rd District Court of Appeals’ stay.

Remember that one of the reason that we have appointments to these boards whose terms span election cycles is to make them somewhat resistant to political upheavals. Evers’ actions ignore that attempt at good governance.


0940, 30 March 2019


  1. dad29

    Huh.  Apparently one can be a 2-year-old AND be Governor.

  2. Merlin

    Democrats entertain the notion of compromise only when they’re on the outside looking in and even then their definition of compromise is for Republicans to simply capitulate. Evers isn’t exactly blazing new trails here.

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