2020 Democratic Convention to be in Miwaukee


Milwaukee will host the Democratic National Convention in 2020, bringing hundreds of millions in tourism dollars to Wisconsin while showcasing its largest city and one of a few states likely to decide the presidency.

The Associated Press reported Monday morning on the plans by Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez. Perez was set to make a formal announcement Monday afternoon.

A centerpiece of Milwaukee’s DNC bid is the new Milwaukee Bucks arena, Fiserv Forum, which will host the convention.

I admit that I’m torn on it. On the one hand, it is fantastic news that Milwaukee and Wisconsin will benefit from the influx of activity. Plus, it will be fun, as a political blogger, to have the convention in my backyard.

On the other hand, the Democrats have a history of stiffing host cities with unpaid expenses that the taxpayers have to pick up. Plus, with what is likely to be a hotly contested primary, we can safely predict plenty of riotous behavior and destruction.

Now the die is cast. My strong advice to Milwaukee’s leaders would be to get their money – including money in escrow to pay for possible overtime and damages – up front.