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1058, 07 Mar 19

Evers Preaches Patience on CWD Management

I agree with him on this.

Three wild deer tested positive for CWD in the Crescent Corner area near the Lincoln-Oneida County line, all since 2017.

Democrats criticized former Governor Scott Walker for not doing enough to stop the spread of CWD.
During a stop in Rhinelander on Tuesday, Evers said he wants the DNR to take its time studying the disease more.

“It wasn’t that we were dismissing the issue of CWD, it’s obviously a very important one,” Evers said. “It’s a very important one for our state, tourism, hunting, natural resources, but we believe the first place to start is around that.”

Scientists first found CWD in southern Wisconsin in 2002. Recently, the DNR has asked hunters to submit more deer for testing. The agency is also in the middle of a four-year study in southwestern Wisconsin that should offer a lot more information .

“We’re going to make sure that we’re very thoughtful,” DNR Secretary-Designee Preston Cole said. “When we roll something out in the future, we’re going to make sure that the science is there, we have our partners there.”


1058, 07 March 2019


  1. Merlin

    Gold star for Tony! I’d like to see Evers adopt the same “paralysis by analysis” approach for nearly everything for the remainder of his term.

  2. Le Roi du Nord

    Analysis is what is needed, especially in light of the 8 years of neglect by the walker/stepp regime.  First place to take action is eliminating all captive herds, the source of CWD in WI

  3. Pat

    Thank you Governor Evers!

  4. Kevin Scheunemann

    We all agree on this and Nord takes time to pot shot Walker.


  5. Le Roi du Nord

    And a well deserved pot shot.  He ignored the problem for 8 years, wasted lots of taxpayer $$ on dr. deer, and set back whitetail deer management by 75 years.  And deer farm owners are still moving CWD infected deer around the state.

  6. Jason

    Leroy you were called out on that whopper of a lie last year.  Yet you’re still here claming “He [Walker] ignored the problem for 8 years”.

    But you’re such a douche bag you’ll deny it ever happened.  And continue your religious crusade against other people here who you think are lying.  You represent your left wing nut-job brothers and sisters well, you little social justice troll.

  7. Le Roi du Nord


    And the document you provided was from the Doyle administration, not walker.  You sure don’t know when to quit digging.

  8. Jason

    >And the document you provided was from the Doyle administration, not walker. 


    The document I provided was dated 2016…  liar.

  9. Le Roi du Nord


    The one you posted waaay back was from 2010.

    Even if walker/stepp and ag had a written policy in place, it was implemented as “ignore CWD”.   They did nothing in a pro-active fashion, refused to ban feeding and baiting (until there was a hot sample), allowed game farms to use single fencing, and allowed animals from known contaminated herds to be moved off-site.

  10. Jason

    Merlin, I hope that is exactly what happens.  Ideally, Evers will be held in gridlock thereby stopping his ability to ruin the hard work that’s been in place since Doyle the Destructor was in office.

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