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0731, 25 Jan 19

Phillips Forgives Students

What a piece of garbage. He targeted teenagers and lied about the whole thing. He should be apologizing – not forgiving.

Native American activist Nathan Phillips said he has prayed about a videotaped encounter last week at the Lincoln Memorial and now he has good feelings in his heart for all the people who mistreated him.

So even though he’s angry, Phillips told NBC’s “Today” show on Thursday that he has forgiveness for the boys from Kentucky’s Covington Catholic High School who he said could be seen mocking Native Americans in videos.

Phillips said the white boys were angrily chanting at a group of black street preachers, and “it was really getting explosive.” So he said he used his drum to reach God, and felt “spiritually moved into that center, that whirlwind.”


0731, 25 January 2019


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    He’s still angry?

    That is not forgiveness, that is false witness about something he has not really done.

    Just follows all the lying he has done the entire week.

    Also shows the intersectional liberal lexicon demands you ignore our “lying eyes” of the actual video in favor of his victim status.

    This whole situation of total, moral evil, of liberal lexicon makes me vomit!

  2. MjM

    Dontcha just love how leftists have fawned over this nutcase “native”? Lizzy Warren should put him on her ticket.

    Fauxcahontas / Running Bullshit 2020

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