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1938, 10 Jan 19

Sexual Abuse Allegations Riddle Democrat Presidential Contenders’ Campaigns


Senator Bernie Sanders has apologised to female staff members on his 2016 US presidential campaign who allege they were harassed by a male aide.

“To women in our campaign who were harassed or mistreated, I apologise,” the Vermont independent wrote in a statement on Twitter on Thursday.

His apology comes as he contemplates another White House bid under the Democratic banner in 2020.

Several aides have complained of a “predatory culture” in his campaign.


Claims of sexual harassment have recently dogged the campaign of Democratic Senator Kamala Harris, who may also enter the White House race.

Senator Harris has said she was “unaware” that a top aide paid a settlement of $400,000 (£314,000) in May 2017 to a woman who sued for sexual harassment.

The California senator’s biography, which debuted last week, contains praise for the aide, who resigned after the payout was revealed.


1938, 10 January 2019


  1. Kevin Scheunemann


    Next to the scrutiny of recent USSC hearings, Bernie should suffer summary execution by comparison.


    Women are NOT to be believed when the pervert is liberal.


  2. MjM

    Least we forget, it took a second killing for Kalifornia Democrat Ted Leiu to “donate” the campaign contributions received from the killer.

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