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1027, 20 Dec 18

Rogue Drones Shut Down Gatwick

Looks like a probe to test responses. Or… some jackass teenagers with a warped sense of humor.

Theresa May has said the government is working with Gatwick to try to resolve the impasse at the airport, which has been closed for more than 12 hours because of drones.

The airport remains closed after what police and the airport described as a deliberate attempt to disrupt flights. Tens of thousands of travellers have been affected and the prime minister said she felt for them, but the government was doing what it could. May also defended the steps already taken to prevent misuse of drones.


Earlier, he said the drones could not be shot down because of the risk posed by stray bullets.


1027, 20 December 2018


  1. dad29

    Green wackos!

    All that “sophisticated equipment” the Brits brought to the scene was aced out by a guy in a delivery truck who saw something and said something.

    I think the perps should be put into a small room with a couple dozen of the people who had to sleep on the floor at Gatwick.  No questions will be asked about how the perps acquired so many cuts and bruises, of course.

  2. dad29

    After Review:  maybe not the Green Wackos!

    That said, paragraph # 2 remains my recommendation.

  3. MjM

    A couple, three grand gets you jammer that covers basic frequencies up to 1/2 mile away. More sophisticated jammers cover odd-ball frequencies and GPS, too.

    You, Joe Citizen, are not allowed.

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