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0900, 09 Oct 18

So. Much. Winning.

My column for the Washington County Daily News is out today. It’s also in the Waukesha Freeman, from what I hear. Here’s a taste.

If there is one thing that could disrupt the positive direction that America is moving, it would be for the Democrats to gain control of the U.S. Senate. We have all come to understand over the past few weeks that the Democratic Party is untethered from any traditional norms of civility, honesty and even decency. They will stop at nothing to oppose President Trump even if it means burning down the country in the process.

We saw this behavior from Wisconsin’s own Sen. Tammy Baldwin. Less than 48 hours after Trump announced the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, Baldwin announced that she would not vote for his confirmation. This was a radical break from traditional senatorial behavior to reject a nominee without researching him, learning about him, or even speaking to him. And although Baldwin admitted her opposition, almost all of the Democrats in the Senate had made the same decision. The brouhaha that Democrats manufactured over the last few weeks was not designed to change any minds. It was designed to attempt to rationalize the Democrats’ predetermined opposition to the American people.

Baldwin’s behavior reveals the larger psychosis currently infecting the Democratic Party. Their single- minded effort to #resist President Trump has become the only real plank in their platform.


0900, 09 October 2018


  1. Pat

    I find it ironic writing about a Party being, “untethered from any norms of civility, honesty and even decency”, when this is not exclusive to just the Democrats. It’s more a direct result of the leader of the Republican Party being “untethered from any traditional norms of civility, honesty and even decency.”

  2. Jason

    Great counterpoint as always, Pat. Blue wave is waving goodbye.

  3. MHMaley

    Ford lost $1 Billion and is laying off 24,000 workers due to the
    Steel and Aluminum tariffs .
    “Tariff wars are easy to win “
    The deficit is exploding and wages aren’t going up as corporations
    Buy back their shares .
    But so much winning !

  4. MjM

    Pat squeaks:   Example:

    Oh, NOOOOoooo!  Trump said we should not take the pope seriously on climate change!



    MuhHaley squawks:   Ford lost $1 Billion and is laying off 24,000 workers due to the Steel and Aluminum tariffs .

    “The NBC report cited a Morgan Stanley analysis that estimates a 12 percent reduction in Ford’s global workforce [see: Mexico  -ed.] , resulting in the loss of roughly 24,000 workers. Bob Shanks, Ford’s chief financial officer, described the cutbacks as a “redesign” that would include its 70,000 white-collar employees.

    With sales lagging well behind its domestic competitor General Motors, Ford has launched a $25.5 billion reorganization plan.  It began in earnest in May 2017  [10 months before Trump’s tariffs   -ed.] when then-CEO Mark Fields was removed.”


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