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1838, 08 Oct 18

Live Broadcast of West Bend School Board

For some reason, the live stream of meetings of the West Bend School Board have not worked for months due to “technical difficulties.” I know… in an age when I can live stream anything in 3 seconds with my phone, that excuse sounds ridiculous. Thankfully, the Washington County Insider is on the case!

You can watch the live stream here.

They are going to talk about the union contract being at an impasse tonight. They are already late, so there’s no telling when it will come up.

UPDATE: Sure enough, the school board declared an impasse after two meetings with the union and imposed the district’s last offer – a blanket 2% base increase including those at the top of the scale. Given the lack of bleating from the usual union folks, it seems that they are pretty happy with it.

Once again, this School Board has failed to utilize their power to create a compensation structure that rewards better student outcomes and the teachers who generate them. In the West Bend School District, every teacher is treated the same, so everyone will trend to the middle, or just good enough to not get fired. Mediocrity throughout.


1838, 08 October 2018


  1. Mark Hoefert

    Looked to be a high-quality stream.  Judy Steffes probably was able to haul the gear over on her bicycle.

    Board President seemed to have some kind of bromance thing going on over the Daily News reporter leaving West Bend for a different job.  At least he kept his composure.


  2. MaxwellsEQs


    I do not believe that altering the compensation model will improve the West Bend School District. Most, many, or at least some teachers already try their best to offer the best possible education to their students. How will offering more money improve their performance? If teachers are burnt out or not doing as good a job as their peers how will offering a few more thousand dollars (if you are willing to give them that much) improve their performance? Will their frustration suddenly abate at the prospect of an extra thousand? Do you suppose that people will flock to the education field for the prospect of earning an extra thousand for working hard?

    Owen, to you credit you have said that more money does not improve education. I agree with that. The real world has tough problems, quick fixes are rarely the solution. Education is no exception.


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