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0656, 26 Sep 18

Vote for Tony Evers if you want higher taxes

Here is my full column that ran in the Washington County Daily News yesterday.

During the era of Gov. Jim Doyle, Wisconsin was a tax hell. Our state consistently ranked in the top tier for overall tax burden and worst tax climate for business. Gov. Scott Walker and Republicans in the Legislature have made great strides in lowering taxes to the point that Wisconsin is now slightly worse than the average state in these rankings. That is a remarkable improvement in less than a decade. Perhaps it is now fair to say that Wisconsin is a tax purgatory, but it certainly has not ascended to a tax heaven yet.

If Wisconsin’s voters elect Democratic candidate Tony Evers to be our next governor, he will certainly push Wisconsin back down into the depths of the tax hell we just escaped. One may be tempted to think that this is just another baseless “Democrats will raise your taxes” attack. Evers is a doctrinaire liberal, so it would be easy to just assume that he wants to raise taxes. But one need only look at Evers’ own words to see that it is true. In fact, increasing taxes to support more government spending seems to be Evers’ answer to every issue facing the state.

Evers’ core issue, as one would expect, is public education. As the head of Wisconsin’s Department of Public Instruction, he has served as the titular leader of public education in the state for years. Yet, year after year, he failed to advance any initiatives to actually improve education. His one solution has always been, and is now, to spend more.

In his role as superintendent of the DPI, he submitted a budget that would increase state spending on public education by $1.7 billion in the next budget. That is a massive increase in spending. On Tony Evers’ campaign website, he says that if elected he will, “increase investments” and “increase funding” in virtually all aspects of the public school oligopoly.

Evers claims that such spending increases will not require tax increases because other state spending can be reprioritized. The problem with his math is that he wants to increase spending on all of the other major state spending items too.

When it comes to state spending on transportation and infrastructure, Evers says that he will “invest more in local road maintenance,” and “increase funding for public transit.” He will also “repeal changes made to Wisconsin’s prevailing wage laws.” Those changes will save the taxpayers millions of dollars — if they are not repealed.

For the environment, Evers will “invest in our natural resources” and shield the Department of Natural Resources from public oversight. For health care, Evers will “invest in preventative health programs” and “accept federal Medicaid expansion dollars,” which is already forcing more state spending in the states that accepted it. For economic development, Evers promises to “ensure access to high speed broadband,” “invest in our roads, bridges, ports and airports,” and “increase our investment in education.” For the University of Wisconsin System, Evers promises to “increase investments in both our technical schools and UW System.”

One thing becomes very clear in reviewing Tony Evers’ plan for Wisconsin. Whatever problems the state faces, the solution, in Evers’ mind, is to spend more money. The short list of items above comprises more than 60 percent of all state spending, and Evers wants to increase spending on all of it. What will he cut to offset that spending? Pensions? Law enforcement? Local aids?

There is no doubt that Tony Evers will raise taxes if given the chance. There is no other way to support the incredible increases in spending he envisions for the state. The only questions is how much taxes will go up under a Governor Evers.


0656, 26 September 2018


  1. jjf

    Or you can vote for Walker and you can ask him how he’ll pay for things and he’ll answer “the budget” and that will be that, no additional thinking or planning for the future required!

  2. MjM

    Jiffy squeeks: he’ll answer “the budget”

    Yeah, who needs a pesky budget when you can just stick your hand in Joe Public’s wallet and steal what ever you want, eh?

    If “planning” includes wasting another $1.7 BILLION on the education sewer system, also plan on the Wisconsin economy taking a dump.

    (btw, nice article, Owen)

  3. Paul

    Noted futurist = pederast

  4. jjf

    Taxes are the very definition of government.  It’s not good governing when you push obligations into the future, unless it’s part of a larger plan to be able to blame all taxation increases on the other party that will inevitably come back into power after you’re gone.

  5. MjM

    Jiffy huffs:  Taxes are the very definition of government.

    Spoken (er… written) like a true liberal.

  6. dad29

    It’s also not ‘good governing’ when you steal several hundred million from medical- and highway-trust funds to spend like a drunk on education.

    Right, Jiffy?

  7. Le Roi du Nord

    Or $billions to subsidize Foxconn?

  8. dad29

    Sure.  Yup.  Walker took the money from highways and doctors.


  9. Paul

    Is the white nationalist troll still mad that there’s no economic development in his backwoods carny town?

  10. jjf

    Someone has invented government without taxation or coercion?  Show me.

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