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2028, 25 Sep 18



The Republican-controlled Senate Judiciary Committee Tuesday announced a vote on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh for as early as 9:30 a.m. Friday,


2028, 25 September 2018


  1. Kevin Scheunemann


    We can get back to good old days of leftists holding up how virtuous porn stars are.

    Which will be hilarious after this total Puritan streak by leftists.

  2. MHMaley

    Leftist didn’t compel the President to have affairs during all of his 3
    Marriages , the last coming with a porn star months after the birth of his son .
    Leftists also didn’t compel the President to lie consistently about the affair or
    the payments made to shut her up .
    Acceptance of the Presidents lies remains the province of 37% of the population who will believe anything he says

    As for Evers , the fact that Walker is in trouble against the
    Blandest candidate the Dems could possibly nominate says
    Says far more about Walker and his hollow claims of success
    Than any capability Evers has demonstrated .

  3. Paul

    Try it again in English, Drunky McGropey.

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