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1647, 14 Sep 18

Eminem Regrets Use of Gay Slur

This is hilarious. Have you ever listened to Eminem? He uses just about every slur in the book. But this is the bridge too far?

Eminem says he was uncomfortable with homophobic lyrics he wrote and released on his recent album, Kamikaze.

He faced criticism for his language on album track Fall while speaking about Tyler, The Creator.

Eminem says he “felt like this might be too far”, in a new interview to promote the record on his own YouTube channel.

“In my quest to hurt him, I realize that I was hurting a lot of other people by saying it,” says Eminem.

“It was one of the things that I kept going back to and going ‘I don’t feel right with this’.”


Eminem has been criticised for his use of homophobic lyrics throughout his 20-year career in the mainstream.

His early albums are littered with gay slurs.

The rapper has previously defended his offensive language, saying that he believes the F-word is the same as calling someone a ‘punk’.

But he also formed a friendship with Elton John, who said in 2017 that Eminem was not homophobic and claimed he was “writing about the way things are, not how he thinks.”

“It’s OK… I have a lot of gay friends…”


1647, 14 September 2018


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Liberals tolerate every gangsta rap perverted term about women….when will intolerant liberalism get around to that in light of #metoo?

    Or are women worthy of being humiliated and disrespected by gangster rap?

    Liberals are ridiculous.

  2. Le Roi du Nord


    You have called me a “liberal” scores of times, but I find any and all bad language in very poor taste, gansta rap especially.  I actually agree with you on this.  So your calling me ridiculous is ridiculous on it’s face.

  3. Kevin Scheunemann


    Stop taking liberal positions, and I will stop calling you liberal.

    On this, I would classify you as having a “decency” position, which most conservatives share.

    I have hope for you.

  4. Le Roi du Nord

    Well , if being pro education, fiscally conservative, opposed to corporate welfare, pro freedom of speech, believing in the scientific method, opposed to dishonestly in all walks of life, respectful of folks with differing opinions, opposed to the use of profanity, respectful of those with disabilities, opposed to illegal us of drugs, and being opposed to authoritarians of all stripes makes me a liberal, then I’m OK with that.

  5. Kevin Scheunemann


    1.) “pro-education”….who isn’t “pro-education”?

    Education is about whether we keep feeding the godless public school system, or allow kids a choice for a values oriented education.

    When someone says “pro-education” that invariably means propping up a failing public school monopoly, like MPS.

    2.) You have taken many positions that are not “pro freedom of speech”.   Many who call evil, perversion, and wrongdoing what it is…you have been part of the chorus labeling those with moral clarity as “intolerant”.   Pasting your opponent with that label is not exactly the hallmark of a free speech protector.

    3.)  Who doesn’t believ in the scientific method?   What you should oppose is junk science masquerading as the “scientific methed” that is reall an ideology like global warming and evolution.

    4.) If you are opposed to dishonesty, why did you deny a local problem with disaster relief in Puerto Rico (and blame Trump), then when an NPR article was pointed out to you, you switched to making excuses for the problem….isn’t that really dishonest?

    5.) I like the idea of being respectful of those with differing opinions.   You claim I am not, but have never been able to point out the accurate quote of mine to back up your accusation.   I find that very disrespectful.

    6.) I oppose profanity.   we can agree on that.

    7.) Who, on earth, disrespect those with disabilities?   this is like saying water is wet.

    8.) When you say opposed to use of ilegal drugs, do you mean “possession” as well?

    9.) Opposed to authoritarians of all stripes?  really?  I have never seen you denounce one ridiculus regulation.   If you did, maybe I missed it.

    That was quite a list. Why don’t you tell us where you are on gay marriage, transgenderism, feminism, white privilege, and the general racist intersectionality of the left?

  6. jjf

    > general racist intersectionality

    Now you’re just mashing words together.

  7. Kevin Scheunemann

    Or, you ignore the problem of horrendous liberal racism.

  8. jjf

    Tell me what that phrase means to you, Kevin.  “Racism” isn’t bound to any particular politics, right?

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