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0741, 14 Sep 18

Anatomy of a Smear

It’s a classic tactic, and we see it alive and well in Washington. Kavanaugh is asked if he has a gambling problem. He says “no.” Headline: “Kavanaugh denies having a gambling problem!!!!”

When asked by Whitehouse to detail poker games he’s participated in,  the Supreme Court nominee stated, “Like many Americans, I have occasionally played poker or other games with friends and colleagues. I do not document the details of those casual games.”

Whitehouse inquired whether Kavanaugh had any gambling earnings or debt reported to the IRS. He answered “No.” The senator also asked whether he gambled or owed gambling debts to the state of New Jersey.

“I recall occasionally visiting casinos in New Jersey when I was in school or in my 20s,” Kavanaugh responded. “I recall I played low-stakes blackjack. I have not accrued gambling debt.”


0741, 14 September 2018


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Typical liberal yellow journalism.

    And liberals wonder why the press is held in regard with gutter trash stewing in the the hot summer sun water puddle well after a rainstorm.

  2. jjf

    I wonder if he has any records that might document the purchase of all those $200K worth of baseball tickets.  Were they all cash transactions?  Did anyone want a receipt?

  3. Owen

    Do you have receipts for every ticket you’ve purchased throughout your life? I don’t. I don’t even think I have receipts for cars, furniture, or other large purchases I’ve made. Most normal people don’t keep those things except for warranty or tax purposes.

    That’s the thing about these hearings… people try to set the standard so high that no normal person would pass muster. By all accounts, Kavanaugh is a brilliant lawyer and judge who is eminently qualified. He is also a pretty decent guy in his personal life. He should be, and will be, confirmed. The fact that he doesn’t necessarily have every receipt or a record of every meeting he ever had is not a concern. It means that he is a human being.

  4. Kevin Scheunemann

    I love how liberals, defenders of the worst perversion and social evil as normal behavior, try to smear someone over something as silly as baseball tickets, while they were in Law school.

    Liberalism in its worst form.


  5. Le Roi du Nord

    You guys should be so happy Kavanaugh is getting a hearing.  That is more than McConnell allowed Garland.

  6. Kevin Scheunemann


    A “hearing”, not a high tech lynching.

    Liberals confuse the two…always.

    It’s interesting, liberals are good with killing pre-born babies, perverting gender, stand for all sorts of sexual perversion, corrupting God’s design for marriage, do violence to free speech and constitution, etc, and we are suppose to listen to their whining about some invented morality about his alleged overindulgence in baseball tickets?

    How sick is the disease of liberalism these days?

  7. Mark Hoefert

    John Faust: I wonder if he has any records that might document the purchase of all those $200K worth of baseball tickets.

    Up your reading comprehension skills (or use reliable sources.).

    It was “as much as $200,000”.  Could also be “as little $60,000″ as he reported 3 credit cards in the $15,000 to $50,000” tier.  For your math education, that could be $45,000.  He also reported a personal loan in the $15,000 to $50,000 tier.  So, 3 credit cards and 1 loan could total as little as $60,000 or as much as $200,000.  Some portion of that $60,000 could have gone for home improvements.

    When I had my lower level finished on my house 14 years ago, I spent about $25,000.  And I took a credit card at Menard’s and got an introductory 10% of $2000 worth of materials.  I went to Home Deport and took out a credit card and did the same thing there.  For everything else, I used my GM card (earned 5% which I applied to my next car purchase).  Have never paid a cent in credit card interest either. Might explain how he managed to accrue $60,000 in debt and then pay it off at once at a later date. (some credit cards also offer no payment/0% interest incentives too).

    So, it’s kind of funny watching these people beclown themselves by taking a bit of information and build it up into a “$200K worth of baseball tickets” meme.

    Thanks for motivating me to check this out.  Will have to look at my FB page to see who runs that one up the flagpole.




  8. Le Roi du Nord


    I think it you that are confused, but we all know that and don’t find it surprising.  Kavanaugh got his chance, Garland didn’t.  Your double standard is showing again.

  9. MHMaley

    It doesn’t appear the criticism has any more facts than the post that it criticizes about how and what the $ were spent on

  10. Jason

    >I think it you that are confused, but we all know that and don’t find it surprising. […] Your double standard is showing again.

    And ironically, so is yours.  You just attacked K for some spelling and bad grammar earlier today… and here you are, tripping over your keyboard.




  11. Kevin Scheunemann


    You still have not justified what the morally bankrupt liberals are doing is not a high tech lynching.

    An unnamed source claiming some disrespect toward a woman in high school. This Democrat behavior is below the pale.

    The party of sexual predator Bill Clinton, cover up artist Hillary Clinton, Anthony Weiner, Ted Kennedy, Matt Lauer, and Harvey Weinstein is actually going to complain about some unnamed source, that is unverifiable, that allegedly happened while in high school, and not even something that #metoo would not even bother with by comparison to all these Democrat predators?

    It seems when it comes to Bill Clinton’s rape while in public office, or his awful cheating on his wife, we should never go back that far. And worse….nothing to see here.

    I had total moral disgust for liberalism before, but the last 48 hours of liberal lynching has made me vomit.

    Is it because he is a moral family guy with great kids, that he doesn’t cheat on his wife…is that what perverted liberals are disgusted by?

  12. Kevin Scheunemann


    Great, then you will join me in advocating confirmation of this nominee and denounce the total sewer ratness of Diane Feinstein?

    Even Ruth Bader Ginsberg is denouncing Feinstein and the Democrats circus at these hearings.

    Will you?

  13. Kevin Scheunemann

    Or are you more liberal than Ginsburg?

  14. Le Roi du Nord

    Feinstein was responding to a constituent, far more than we get from our senior senator here in WI.  If this incident proves to be true, will you have the same kind words for Kavanaugh?  Let the process work its course.  That is more than Garland got.

  15. jjf

    What’s the smallest dollar amount transaction you’d conduct with an acquaintance where you wouldn’t want a receipt?

  16. Kevin Scheunemann


    So you are more liberal than Ruth Bader G.!   She has denounced what is happening in this hearing and with good reason.   You take liberal positions to air this unsubstantiated trash, you are a liberal.

    Feinstein sat on this dubious piece of trash, on purpose, until the most opportune political timing for her baby killing agenda.

    The fact you defend the disgusting political calculation here is awful.

    You are saying any woman can make a baseless non-descript allegations against anyone, not remember the place, date, or time, so the guy can respond.

    That is sick and wrong.

    Also, who here, other than maybe myself, can ever withstand stupid teenage behavior analysis of our youth?    Can you imagine what we would find if we did this to Bill Clinton, Anthony Weiner, or liberal media darlings Harvey Weinstein or Kevin spacey?

    I say vote.   This is liberal disgust all over again like Clarence Thomas.  anita hill was a liberal liar and I am sure this one is the same exact context.

    Liberals will do anything to save their baby killing factories.

    I have never been so disgusted by liberals in all my life.

  17. Le Roi du Nord


    You are making some pretty big assumptions.  Take a look at the timeline of the story.

    And “liberals” have no hold on bad behavior, to wit; POTUS, Hastert, Craig, Goodman, Gingrich, Ensign, Jordan et al.  You have a severe case of confirmation bias.


  18. Kevin Scheunemann


    Other than gay pervert Hastert who deserves to be in prison, the rest of that list is nothing next to what Clinton has done…and got away with.

  19. Le Roi du Nord

    Chuck Grassely, quoted in the Des Moines Register:

    ““As I said earlier, anyone who comes forward as Dr. Ford has done deserves to be heard. My staff has reached out to Dr. Ford to hear her account, and they held a follow-up call with Judge Kavanaugh this afternoon”.

  20. Kevin Scheunemann


    There is a difference between letting her be heard, in 11th hour and putting the vote off.

    Unless she has a tape, or witness, this is just “he said, she said” nonsense.

    My bet is: when her date and time recollection gets more detailed in this creative fairy tale, we will find out he was not even there.

    I demand all Democrats be held to same life standard in treatment of women. Half the Democrat Senators would have to resign, then the women left should resign for defending the likes of Clinton.

  21. Le Roi du Nord


    I’m sure if that 15 YO girl was your daughter you’d feel differently.  Your double standard undies are showing again.

    Let the process play out.  What are you afraid of??  If it is a “creative fairy tale”, we’ll know.  But to condemn it before getting the details is sure proof of your deep-seated concern that it is true….

    “Half the Democrat Senators would have to resign”.   Proof, or more assumption?

  22. Kevin Scheunemann

    If it was my daughter we would have pressed charges immediately, not waited 30 years to be a pawn in an awful baby killing liberal agenda!

  23. jjf

    Do you think minors are ever assaulted and don’t tell their parents, Kevin?

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