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2145, 13 Aug 18

A Correction

In a quick piece about the GOP candidates for the 59th Assembly District, I said:

My concern with Ramthun is that he has also been on the Kewaskum School Board for the past several years and helped push though a massive school building referendum. The process leading up to that referendum used all of the shady techniques we’ve come to expect from some school boards and Ramthun was in the thick of it.

Upon speaking with Mr. Ramthun, I mischaracterized his involvement. He was off the school board from 2014 to 2016 when the committee work and biased survey took place. He was reelected to the board in the Spring of 2016. He did vote “yes” to put the referendum on the ballot in August of 2016. He says that he opposed the referendum and thought it would fail. He also voted against borrowing more money when the project costs exceeded the referendum amount.


2145, 13 August 2018

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  1. Timothy Ramthun

    …and as a public official, I represent the people so the ‘yes’ vote simply and ONLY allowed THE PEOPLE to use their voice to determine the final outcome to the process that in earnest in 2015. THE PEOPLE voted 61%-39% in favor of the referendum question.  For the question and plan that was on the ballot, I was part of the 39%.

    Continuous and massive spending is constant with schools and it is a very difficult environment to be in as a conservative. Ask any who have served. I continue to do my best to serve the people while I work to be a good steward of the taxpayer and to the students for the best education possible within the means of the district. I am more often alone in my efforts to reign in spending but it doesn’t curtail me from trying. Someone has to, and I rose to the challenge.

    With depth of experience, capability, passion, leadership, conviction and courage that exceeds the other candidates, applicable to the unchartered and hazardous environment of being an Assemblyperson, I will more than deliver for the constituents in the 59th by returning the definition of what effective representation is, back to the word!

    I look forward to serving with great joy!!

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