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2159, 13 Aug 18

A Stroll Through My Ballot

Tomorrow is election day in Wisconsin. I usually vote in advance, but I didn’t get to it this time. I’ll be voting tomorrow. As I look through my ballot, here are a few closing thoughts on the contested races before I exercise my franchise:


Scott Walker does have an opponent. I won’t be voting for him. I stand with Scott Walker.

Secretary of State

I’ll be voting for Jay Schroeder, but mainly because he isn’t Spencer Zimmerman.

State Treasurer

I’ll be voting for Travis Hartwig. I’m disappointed that both Republicans want to expand this office.

U.S. Senator

Leah Vukmir – all the way. She is a proven conservative and I know that she’ll be a great, staunchly conservative Senator.

Representative in Congress District 5

Sensenbrenner for the same reason as Vukmir. Plus, Vipond is a pro-abortion gun-grabber.

Washington County Sheriff

This is a tough vote for me. Both candidates are good guys with solid records. But elections are about making a choice and I’ve made mine. I’ll be voting for Jason Guslick. I like his pronounced vision for the role of Sheriff, firm support of civil rights, and priorities.

Go vote!



2159, 13 August 2018

1 Comment

  1. Kevin Scheunemann


    You had it all correct until Sheriff, but I agree both are good candidates.

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