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1250, 16 Jul 18

Democratic Candidates Support Drivers Licenses for Illegal Aliens

Of course they do.

The participants were former state Rep. Kelda Roys; Mahlon Mitchell, head of the Professional Fire Fighters of Wisconsin; political activist Mike McCabe and state Sen. Kathleen Vinehout.


A question from Voces de la Frontera, an immigrant rights organization based in Milwaukee, asked if candidates would support a law that would allow undocumented immigrants access to driver’s’ licenses “no matter what their status or income.” All four candidates said yes, and pointed to a larger need to support immigrants.

But they do not support the kids of those illegal aliens having access to better schools through School Choice. Democrats are big on keeping people staying in their assigned place in society.



1250, 16 July 2018


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Excellent “zing” on that school choice comment!

    That gets the “zing” of the year award!

    In that field of candidates, it’s hard to pick out who is the most goofy.

  2. Merlin

    Softening the phraseology by referring to illegal aliens as undocumented immigrants, undocumented workers, or simply immigrants does nothing to change their illegal status. 

    Legal immigrants should be able to obtain a driver’s license if they can qualify for one. Illegal aliens, by virtue of being illegal, should not. Illegal aliens awaiting immigration hearings should not be licensed either.


  3. Le Roi du Nord

    Choice schools are better?  Not so much…..  Expensive, unaccountable, you bet.

  4. Le Roi du Nord

    Oh, I forgot …ideological..

  5. Mike

    It’s illegal aliens, immigrants are welcome here. We need to quit letting someone else define the terms.

    Nord’s 2nd comment negates his first. An education from an ideological institution that reinforces the parents morals and principles sounds like a better choice for kids.

  6. jjf

    On one hand you might think that Owen was eager to provide free schooling to illegal immigrants.  On the other, given that most voucher schools are religious, maybe he’s trying to convert them all.

  7. Owen

    Actually, I think that we should deport illegal aliens as they hit law enforcement’s radar. But we are already providing free education to them in our public schools. Given that the vouchers for Choice schools are less expensive for the taxpayers compared to public schools, that would be my preference. But really, I was just pointing out the plantation mentality of Democrats.

  8. Kevin Scheunemann


    Public schools are not ideological?

    Some of the worst cesspool social warrior agenda issues have been pushed in front of kids in public school.

  9. jjf

    So those voucher schools cheerfully take public dollars for the children of illegal immigrants?  They cash the check, the student gets deported, and the church keeps the hand-out?  You’re a genius!

  10. Kevin Scheunemann


    If the government hands out vouchers to illegal aliens, a church school is suppose to oppose civil authority , no matter how liberal and screwed up the civil authority is because of liberals?

  11. Le Roi du Nord

    If that voucher school is of a religious bent, then it is teaching an ideology by definition.  Wow guys, it is pretty simple to figure that one out….

  12. jjf

    Kevin, conservatives can screw up schools, too, in their own special ways.

    Why are church schools “supposed to oppose civil authority”?  Perhaps I don’t see your meaning.

  13. Kevin Scheunemann


    Christians should teach respect for civil authority.   If Democrats went nuts and gave vouchers for illegal immigrants and the family is willing to adhere to church constitution of congregation, I would say the school is ibligated to respect civil authority, no matter how wrong I think it is to give handouts to illegal aliens.


    You talk like public school is free of ideological and cultural sewer.   With vouchers at least everyone has a choice to choose the ideological bent, not just locked into the the godless and cultural wasteland ideology of liberalism.

  14. Le Roi du Nord

    How christian of you, k.  And no, I am not ibligated to prove otherwise.

  15. Paul

    Stupid drunk geriatric dinosaur.

  16. Kevin Scheunemann


    Typo as charged.

    You get me into a “froth” when you imply public school is some sort on neutral ideological platform.   It is a foaming ideological church, the church of liberalism.

    I just want all churches to have same chance at funding, not just the church of godless liberalism.

  17. Le Roi du Nord


    Why should churches have any public funding?  What happened to the separation of church and state??

  18. Kevin Scheunemann

    The church of liberalism is fully funded by the state. Time all churches had equal protection like the church of ideological liberalism has in public schools.

  19. jjf

    You don’t fool me, Kevin.  If they didn’t like public schools, all they had to do was remove that provision from the state Constitution.

    What the churches like is a stream of public funding.  It’s keeping their schools afloat.

    What would be wrong with no public funding for religion?


  20. Kevin Scheunemann

    I’m all for no public funding of religion.

    But then let’s get the religion out of public schools, like

    1.) religion of global warming

    2.) cult of evolution

    3.) view of abortion as a sacrament

    4.) worship of big government

    5.) the cabal that wants to destroy truth about gender

    I want all these sick religions defunded.


  21. Mike

    Choice money is about education. There is a certain amount of money allocated to each child for education, and school choice is about letting parents have more say in the type of education their child receives.

    The 1st amendment mentions religion in 2 ways, both equally as important:

    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof

    Allowing people to choose any type of education except a religious school would violate the 2nd part of the 1st amendment.

  22. jjf

    I see a seeming contradiction in what you want, Kevin. You want your religion to receive public funding.  Yet you strain to call everything you disagree with a “religion,” too, but you don’t want them to be funded.

    So one religion is absolutely right, and the other is absolutely wrong?

    Mike, if we can stretch to decide that funding religion-based education is the same as funding a non-sectarian education, what would be wrong with allowing a city, for example, to decide to hand public tax dollars to fund the daily operation of a church?

  23. MjM

    Jiffy sez: “… to decide to hand public tax dollars to fund the daily operation of a church?

    But that has already happened….

    A Kansas City mosque owned by an Islamic umbrella organization with deep ties to the U.S. arm of the Muslim Brotherhood has received millions of dollars in federal grants over the past several years, according to a federal spending database.

    The Islamic Center of Greater Kansas City has received $2,739,891 from the Department of Agriculture since 2010  –

    “The State Department is sending Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf – the mastermind of the Ground Zero Mosque – on a trip through the Middle East to foster “greater understanding” about Islam and Muslim communities in the United States. However, important questions are being raised about whether this is simply a taxpayer-funded fundraising jaunt to underwrite his reviled project, which is moving ahead in Lower Manhattan.”   -

    And we shan’t mention the direct indoctrination of little tikes into the Religion Of Peace going on in public schools across the nation, shall we?

    Why yes.  Yes, we shall…

    Last month, students at Friendswood Junior High in Houston were required to attend an “Islamic Awareness” presentation during class time allotted for physical education. The presentation involved two representatives from the Council on American-Islamic Relations, an organization with a record of Islamist statements and terrorism convictions. According to students, they were taught that “there is one God, his name is Allah” and that “Adam, Noah and Jesus are prophets.” Students were also taught about the Five Pillars of Islam and how to pray five times a day and wear Islamic religious garb. Parents were not notified about the presentation and it wasn’t until a number of complaints arose that school officials responded with an apologetic e-mail.
    Earlier this year at Lake Brantley High School in Seminole County, Fla., speakers from the Academy for Learning Islam gave a presentation to students about “cultural diversity” that extended to a detailed discussion of the Quran and Islam. The school neither screened the ALI speakers nor notified parents. After a number of complaints, local media coverage and a subsequent investigation, the school district apologized for the inappropriate presentation, admitting that it violated the law. Subsequently, ALI was removed from the Seminole County school system’s Dividends and Speaker’s Bureau.
    As reported by the Cabinet Press, a school project last year at Amherst Middle School transformed “the quaint colonial town of Amherst, N.H., into a Saudi Arabian Bedouin tent community.” Male and female students were segregated, with the girls hosting “hijab and veil stations” and handing out the oppressive head-to-toe black garment known as the abaya to female guests. Meanwhile, the boys hosted food and Arabic dancing stations because, as explained in the article, “the traditions of Saudi Arabia at this time prevent women from participating in these public roles.” An “Islamic religion station” offered up a prayer rug, verses from the Quran, prayer items and a compass pointed towards Mecca. The fact that female subjugation was presented as a benign cultural practice and Islamic religious rituals were promoted with public funds is cause for concern.
    Tarek ibn Ziyad Academy, a charter school in Inver Grove Heights, Minn., came under recent scrutiny after Minneapolis Star-Tribune columnist Katherine Kersten brought to light concerns about public funding for its overtly religious curriculum. The school is housed in the Muslim American Society’s (the American branch of the Egyptian Islamist group the Muslim Brotherhood) Minnesota building, alongside a mosque, and the daily routine includes prayer, ritual washing, halal food preparation and an after-school “Islamic studies” program. Kersten’s columns prompted the Minnesota chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union to issue a press release expressing its own reservations about potential First Amendment violations. An investigation initiated by the Minnesota Department of Education verified several of Kersten’s allegations and the school has since promised to make the appropriate changes. In a bizarre twist, when a local television news crew tried to report on the findings from school grounds, school officials confronted them and wrestled a camera away from one of its photographers, injuring him in the process.
    The controversy surrounding the founding of New York City’s Arabic language public school, Khalil Gibran International Academy, last year continues. Former principal Dhabah “Debbie” Almontaser was asked to step down after publicly defending T-shirts produced by Arab Women Active in the Arts and Media, an organization with whom she shared office space, emblazoned with “Intifada NYC.” But KGIA has other troublesome associations. Its advisory board includes three imams, one of whom, New York University Imam Khalid Latif, sent a threatening letter to the university’s president regarding a planned display of the Danish cartoons. Another, Shamsi Ali, runs the Jamaica Muslim Center Quranic Memorization School in Queens, a replica of the type of Pakistani madrassa (or school) counter-terrorism officials have been warning about since 9/11. Accordingly, several parents founded Stop the Madrassa: A Community Coalition to voice their contention that KGIA is an inappropriate candidate for taxpayer funding.

  24. jjf

    Yeha, MjM, the Freedom From Religion Foundation has its hands full, doesn’t it?

  25. Kevin Scheunemann


    I want you to be equal in your discrimination against religions including your awful lefty religions.

    As long as you push for funding for public school religions, I will demand equal protection for good religions.

  26. Le Roi du Nord

    here is where k goes completely off the rails and makes a train wreck of his own argument:

    “1.) religion of global warming

    2.) cult of evolution

    3.) view of abortion as a sacrament

    4.) worship of big government

    5.) the cabal that wants to destroy truth about gender

    I want all these sick religions defunded.”

    Global warming/climate change and evolution are not religions nor cults.  They are well reasoned scientific positions backed by years and years of peer reviewed research, unlike christian theology. While k may disagree, that doesn’t make them wrong.

    The current band of “conservatives ruling both WI and the US are the poster children for big government.  See the entire Foxconn scam for a great example.

    Just as silly are the rest of k’s points.  Truth, science, facts, research, etc., have always been problematic for k since he wants to just make unfounded proclamations about subjects  he can’t or won’t understand and then expect us all to fall in line behind him (see the 6000 year old earth claim) without a peep of dissent.  That may work for some, but reasoning beings aren’t that easily fooled.  Like many of his type, he assumes without knowledge that he is always the smartest one in the room, no exceptions.

    And remember, k is the only one that knows what a “good religion” is, and he is more than willing to tell you, (see above).

  27. MjM

    Jiffy sez: “Yeha, MjM, the Freedom From Religion Foundation has its hands full, doesn’t it?

    Odd that we’ve never heard Gaylor and friends mentioning public funding of Islam,  don’t you think?   Glad to hear your OK with it, though.

    Nort sez: “They are well reasoned scientific positions backed by years and years of peer reviewed research…”

    Correction:  They are positions based on unproven theory, as is religionDarwin is being ousted as I write.

  28. Le Roi du Nord


    “Darwin is being ousted as I write.”   As were all the sun-revolves-around-the-earth christians.  Science progresses with new knowledge.  Religion doesn’t want new knowledge because it disproves everything they have foisted on the masses.

    I welcome your proven theory that the earth is 6000 years old.

  29. jjf

    MjM, the FFRF even covers your suggestion in their FAQ.  Islam and Christianity aren’t that different, are they?

    Kevin, as I said, if you don’t like public education, work to erase it from the state Constitution.  Problem solved!  Then everyone can find their own funding for education.

  30. dad29

    undocumented immigrants, undocumented workers

    Undocumented Democrat voters.

    That’s the real definition of the term

  31. dad29

    the body of doctrine, myth, belief, etc., that guides an individual, social movement, institution, class, or large group.

    That is “ideology.”

    The body of doctrine which guides the public schools is secular humanism; this statement is agreed to by Federal courts.

    There is nothing BETTER about secular humanistic ideology than Christian (any form).  SecHum ideology is, in fact, worse, because it does not teach what is true–it will not (and can not) teach the Permanent Things.

    But that’s not relevant, of course.  SCOTUS held that Choice is constitutional, so if you don’t like it, why don’t you move to a genuine Secular country like Red China, or Cuba?


  32. Major Booris

    Cards on the table, Kevin. Has anyone outside of your immediate family ever given your ‘everything is a religion’ spiel any credence at all? Polite nods to shut you up don’t count.

  33. Kevin Scheunemann


    The disciples in the church of liberalism hate it because the term “religion” has become a liberal baseball batt to whack and discriminate against ideas/world views liberals hate.

    The cosmology of evolution and global warming seem to have the most fervant disciples. They make Evangelical Christians jealous in terms of unobjective passion sometimes.

    Conservatives love the argument because they are sick of the godless liberals saying Christian speech means less and is worthy to be defunded, censored, and treated worse than gay and transgender perversion in the arena of ideas.

    I’m good either way: Defund liberal religions in public school or fund all.

    I don’t like your discrimination.

  34. Le Roi du Nord


    Your obvious hatred for all those that disagree with you is getting old.  Why does everything have to revolve around religion for you?  And why do you hate all those that don’t believe as you do?  What happened to “love thy neighbor”?

  35. Major Booris

    Kevin, you’re the only person I know who can use that many words to respond to a yes or no question and still fail to answer it.

  36. Kevin Scheunemann


    But you are OK with your hatred of all things Christian and conservative?

    You don’t like your ideology being slapped with th “religion” baseball bat, do you?

    Labeling speech “religion” is a PC ploy to make certain speech or ideas second class, severed for rude and disfavored treatment in public square.

    I want religions of left treated same way.

    After all, it’s only “fair”, right?

  37. Kevin Scheunemann


    I’m a complex, diverse guy.

    I don’t dumb things down.

  38. jjf

    Kevin, “words” have definitions. It’s hard enough trying to express ideas and change minds when words have definitions. Now you want to change the definitions because you can’t make your arguments.

  39. Major Booris

    Complex, Kevin? Please. You may suffer from some complexes, but you’re pretty simple to figure out – a precocious child who has long since stopped being precocious, but never stopped being childish.

  40. Le Roi du Nord


    I don’t hate any religion, nor conservatives.  I don’t like them trying to foist their beliefs off as fact, or try to make everyone conform to their extremely narrow point of view.

    You are the one labeling things as “religion”, yet you want your fact free “religion” treated as the truth, yet the labels you place on others, (religion of global warming) dismissed because they don’t conform to your beliefs.

    I’ll repeat: I don’t “hate” religions, I disagree with them..

  41. Kevin Scheunemann


    You deflect the underlying PC issue. Slapping any simple point of view with religion is to treat the idea with disdain and 2nd class treatment in public square.

    I want the awful views in the godless liberal lexicon , which is a religion, with the same dripping disdain and exclusion liberals want for Christians.

    You should be celebrating my fairness here. I’m very liberal on treating all religions, especially the awful liberal ones with same disdain reserved for Christians in publiv square!

    You should be excited!

  42. Kevin Scheunemann


    I know, arrack messenger when my argument is too formidable to refute.

    Your chief priest, Saul Alinsky, would be proud of you.

  43. Le Roi du Nord


    That is all just gibberish from a truly troubled mind.

  44. Major Booris

    People have been pointing out the many flaws in this particular message on this blog for years, Kevin, and, rather than addressing those criticisms directly, all your ‘formidable arguments’ in its defense have boiled down to ‘nuh-uh’, ‘is so’, and ‘but THEY do it’.

    Don’t care for being called a child? Then stop debating like one.

  45. Le Roi du Nord


    I doubt you have ever read anything by, or about, Alinsky.  You probably picked up everything you need to know fron the likes of Limbaugh and Gingrich.

    Here is a quote from Alinsky.  I can see a little of you in there;

    “Not at any time. I’ve never joined any organization—not even the ones I’ve organized myself. I prize my own independence too much. And philosophically, I could never accept any rigid dogma or ideology, whether it’s Christianity or Marxism. One of the most important things in life is what Judge Learned Hand described as “that ever-gnawing inner doubt as to whether you’re right.” If you don’t have that, if you think you’ve got an inside track to absolute truth, you become doctrinaire, humorless and intellectually constipated. The greatest crimes in history have been perpetrated by such religious and political and racial fanatics, from the persecutions of the Inquisition on down to Communist purges and Nazi genocide.

  46. MjM

    Nort sez: “As were all the sun-revolves-around-the-earth christians.”

    Um, that would be Plato and Aristotle. 4000 years before any Christian walked the earth. A “fact” taught by astronomers, mathematicians – you know, scientists – until the late 14th century, when Copernicus, a man who firmly believed in God, had a different idea.

    But your inherent bigotry is well noted.

    Nort cont.: “Science progresses with new knowledge. “

    Incorrect. Science is a method. It doesn’t care a wit about progress. Or regress.

    Nort cont.: “I welcome your proven theory that the earth is 6000 years old.”

    I’ll provide that after you prove where all the water came from. Deal?

  47. Le Roi du Nord

    2H + O = H2O   Pretty simple stuff.  The rest you spewed is either false, or based on ignorance.

  48. Kevin Scheunemann

    You guys get all in a snit when I discount your ideological religions like you do to Christians.

    Should be a clear irony when it comes to the way you treat Christian speech.

    I’m going to keep on using the liberal PC weapons, until you stop using them.

  49. Major Booris

    Keep telling people what they really think, Kevin. You obviously know better. All politics aside, as one Christian to another, please, please learn to listen to people, really listen, before it’s too late. If you are even a fraction as pig-headed and obtuse in real life as you are online, you’re headed for a very lonely future. But hey, at least you’ll be right.

  50. dad29

    Ah, Alinsky!!  The guy who dedicated his book to Satan.  Yah, that’s a real solid source of philosophy.

    The little bitty lefties here specialize in name-calling, sophistry, and snark, rather than working towards understanding the truth.  Kevin is a thick-skinned guy, but he’s jousting at people with the substance of clouds.

    Christ did tell his apostles that if a town rejected their teaching, they should shake the dust from their feet and move on.  He didn’t bother to tell them the ultimate fate of that town’s people.  Suffice it to say that they have met Alinsky up close and personal.


  51. Le Roi du Nord

    “if you think you’ve got an inside track to absolute truth, you become doctrinaire, humorless and intellectually constipated. The greatest crimes in history have been perpetrated by such religious and political and racial fanatics, from the persecutions of the Inquisition on down to Communist purges and Nazi genocide.”

    Sure sounds familiar, eh?

  52. Kevin Scheunemann


    So then you disagree with Lincoln?

    “Sir, my concern is not whether God is on our side; my greatest concern is to be on God’s side, for God is always right.”

    OR his famous,

    “I have never denied the truth of Scripture.”

  53. Kevin Scheunemann


    Sorry if I get your dander in a fluff.   I am transparent about what I do, leftist PC tactics, only for good instead of leftist perversion.

  54. Le Roi du Nord

    Taken out of and without context like that, then the answer is yes.

  55. Kevin Scheunemann


    Taken out of context?

    This is your problem, you want to pervert clear truths. It is clear Lincoln believed in God and accepted absolute truth of the Bible.

    You have been caught disagreeing with Greatest President in history of U.S. It makes your quote, by some little known godless disciple who rejects the truth look silly.

  56. Kevin Scheunemann


    Good Leadership is taking a stand on absolute truth. It is fine to listen to others, but everything should be processed through the absolute truth of the Gospel in determining whether something is right or wrong, or good to do, or bad to do.

    It’s actually a simple exercise. Usually those that see me as “pig headed” tend to reject simple truths, for a lie.

  57. Major Booris

    Kevin, please tell me what this example, paraphrased from exchanges you’ve had on this very blog, has to do with leadership.

    K: Recycling is a form of gaea worship.

    Mr. X: I’m a Christian actually, and I think it’s a form of responsible stewardship.

    K: You’re just mad because I’m treating your religion like liberals treat mine.

    I’m very sorry for whatever events in your life caused your pathological fear of being incorrect. Good leadership does involve taking bold stands when necessary, but it also involves recognizing when it is NOT necessary. Flat-out ignoring what people share with you about their beliefs and motivations in favor of your own assumptions is not an act of strength by someone unshakable in their convictions, it’s an act of weakness by someone who fears those ‘unshakable’ convictions will collapse if he acknowledges any bit of information outside of his control.

  58. Le Roi du Nord


    Great post.  Bravo!


    As I have said numerous times, I don’t have a problem with anyone’s religion be it christian, Shinto, or Pastafarian.  But I do take offense to anyone claiming that only they know the absolute truth.  Being so hidebound in one narrow ideology allows one to go through life without critical thought or curiosity.  And that is just a waste.

  59. Kevin Scheunemann


    You say “paraphrased”, when you really meant “made up lie”.
    I support recycling if it has a common sense economic incentive for people to do it.

    I do not support it when it wastes resource and causes more pollution, that is when it becomes like a cult in church of liberalism.

    So try an example that is not a lie.



    Not surprised you slop Major’s made up lie from gutter as gospel. We usually have street cleaners vs. lap dogs licking the curb for that.

  60. Kevin Scheunemann


    So you take total offense at Lincoln? He operated his entire presidency with absolute truth!

    That is how Republicans got the Democrats to give up their slaves! (At least until Democrat/liberals put in Jim Crow laws and taxed the crap out of us….)

  61. Kevin Scheunemann


    So you would reject Lincoln who operated his entire presidency in absolute truth, as a Republican, trying to take away the slaves from Democrats?

    You would have tore down Lincoln for knowing and acting on absolute truth?

    Or would you have tolerated slavery as a Democrat in your immoral relativism?

  62. Le Roi du Nord


    You are a desperate child, seeking to be the center of attention, but alienating all around you.  Grow up.

  63. Kevin Scheunemann


    I realize those personal attacks of yours are a function of you being opposed to absolute truth.

    Sorry I got your lather up.

    I still have hope for you to come out of your moral relativism worldview.

  64. Jason

    These last few comments by Loser De Nord show that he’s nothing more than a lefty troll.  NHolland at least had the intelligence to give up and disappear for another round…. sure hope you do grow up and do the same.  You couldn’t convince a dying man that life insurance was a good idea.

  65. Major Booris

    I don’t understand you, Kevin, nor do I like you. I do, however, respect you, insofar as you seem to sincerely try to live up to the standards of morality you’re constantly proclaiming.

    We both know that comment threads from before the site reboot are gone. There’ll be no proof either way. But I would place my hand on the Bible we both venerate and testify in any court that you made that statement.

    I’ll give you an out. A way to save face. Say you don’t remember what you said back then, and that’ll be the end of it, because I give people the benefit of the doubt.

    Persist in calling me a liar, and I’ll know just how quick your moral standards go out the window when your pride’s on the line.

  66. Paul

    Le Roi du Bore is the last person to call out anyone on being narrow. After all, the dinosaur is and always will be WT from the 715.

  67. Kevin Scheunemann


    I have always been consistent in my recycling stance since college.

    Economic based incentive recycling like bronze, copper, Alum. cans, etc are fine because market provides incentive.

    Cult mandate recycling of left that produces more pollution, and costs resources, like newsprint bleaching, cardboard is awful and evil….as well as damaging to environment.

    So you could not have seen what you claimed. Either your memory is faulty, or you made it up.

  68. Kevin Scheunemann


    I don’t live on pride, I am first to make fun of myself with anyone that knows me.

    Pride is exhausting, I’m only interested in ideas, not sinful pride on any level.

  69. Le Roi du Nord


    How do you feel about keeping recyclable materials out of landfills?  As a local elected official, you should be aware of the value of keeping those materials out of landfills and not having to spend $$ on locating and developing new and very expensive landfill sites, and the cost of operating and maintaing those sites.   And like all commodities, the prices of recyclable materials fluctuate just like corn, soybeans, gold or silver.  As a self-proclaimed expert on finance you should be acutely aware of those fluctuations.

    Your uninformed comments on “cult mandate recycling” (whatever that is) and your interest only in ideas are, like most of your comments, untruthful.

  70. Kevin Scheunemann


    Your comments demostrate the passionate liberal religion you cling to.  time to defund that religion.

    I don’t think I can do a better job than Mark blowing up the mandated recycling argument than he did.

    I bet you support windmills as well.   A study was done that all the steel and energy put into construction of windmill can never be recouped over the entire life of the windmill in terms of energy generation.   so aside from being a bird shredder, they actually consume power with no hope of recovery….bad for environment.

    It’s these kind of liberal religions that need to be de-funded in terms of subsidy.

  71. Le Roi du Nord

    Well, there is a business in WI that has been around for 50 years, can handle 25 million pounds of recycled plastic/year, and is hiring right now.  Guess nothing was “blown up”, just more incomplete information.

    Wind has it’s place in the electrical generation portfolio.  I note that you didn’t include that “study”, so it it real? WI may not be the best place for wind, but it is here and making money.  WE is phasing out some coal plants and getting more into NG  and renewables including wind, PV and hydro , but what does the largest utility in WI know about electricity anyway?

  72. Major Booris

    I’m sure your stances on everything have been perfectly consistent since grade school, Kevin. Doesn’t mean you don’t make the odd inconsistent statement to score points off leftists.

    I gave you a chance to be the bigger man, and you blew it. Disappointing, but not entirely surprising.

  73. Kevin Scheunemann


    I’ve changed my stance on liberals since grade school, I considered liberals meant well back in grade school, but just in error.   I no longer view liberals, given their increasing level of perversion of basic society, to mean well at all.   So that has changed.

    What exactly did you want me to be “the bigger man on”?   I clarified for you what my recycling view has always been, you could have apologized for getting it horribly wrong.    But that never entered your thought process, did it?


    Read some real criticism of your windmill cult religion:

  74. Le Roi du Nord


    Nothing like an unbiased source for your misinformation. No surprise there.

    Did you even look at the Lazard paper?  Even I could read the charts.  Want me to explain them to you?

  75. Paul

    Worry about the low salt selections and changing your Depends, geezer.

  76. Kevin Scheunemann


    You want your windmill religion subsidized. I don’t.

    Simple as that.

    Fund your own religion.

  77. Le Roi du Nord

    Just in case you couldn’t figure out all the numbers in the Lazard paper, here are some important ones:

    un-subsidized wind = $30-60 $/MWh

    un-subsidized coal = $57-148 $/MWh

    Chew on that for a while.   Maybe WEC is onto something, eh?

    Wind power isn’t a religion, it is an energy source.  Tell the truth for a change.

  78. MjM

    Nort Sez:  2H + O = H2O   Pretty simple stuff.

    The “simple” demonstrated here is your mind.

    Nort cont: The rest you spewed is either false, or based on ignorance.

    Yes, the typical liberal retort;  cry false without offering any shred of evidence.  The ignorance of Anaximander, Plato, Eudoxus, et. al., rests solely on your shoulders, for all to clearly see.

    Nort’s new theme song…

    Don’t know much about history

    Don’t know much biology

    Don’t know much about a science book

    Don’t know how economics works

    Sing with me!…..

    Nort burps:  Just in case you couldn’t figure out all the numbers in the Lazard paper, here are some important ones:

    Obviously,  you have no actual idea what “Levelized Cost” entails.

  79. Le Roi du Nord


    You need proof of 2H + O= H2O ?   Really?  You missed that day in middle school science?

    I have a good enough idea to know that you are bluffing, but why don’t you explain it to k?

  80. Kevin Scheunemann


    I understand, you want your religion subsidized for benefit of society.

    That’s all school choice is.

    Show some tolerance for a change.

  81. Le Roi du Nord


    What about “unsubsidized” don’t you understand?  It is a pretty simple word derived from a term you brought into the conversation.

    And no, I don’t want any religion subsidized.  I have told you that numerous times (see above).  But you don’t want to believe anything/anybody that is in opposition to your position.  Another term for that is “willful ignorance”.  You can look that up as well.

  82. Kevin Scheunemann


    There is no such thing as an unsubsidized windmill.

    Windmills are a foolish dream around a clean energy religion that cannot accept reality the time and energy involved in making them creates more pollution than the disciples care to admit.

  83. Le Roi du Nord


    “There is no such thing as an unsubsidized windmill.”

    Not true.  You come up to my township and I’ll show you some.  But you are the all knowing and all powerful, so believe what you want. More proof that you can’t read or are unwilling to learn.   I, however, will go with the truth.

    Clean energy isn’t a “religion”.  Why do you keep pursuing that untruth?

  84. Paul

    Go shit your Depends, old timer.

  85. Kevin Scheunemann

    Just because you deny your religion, does not mean it does not exist?

    You have people that put up windmills without direct myriad of available subsidy or tax credits?

    Those are the dumbest investors ever, then.

  86. MjM

    Nort farts: You need proof of 2H + O= H2O ? Really?

    Of course, as every one can see, that wasn’t the question posed.  A question, we will also note, you have yet to answer.

    Nort gurgles: I have a good enough idea to know that you are bluffing, but why don’t you explain it to k?

    You have no f’n clue what you are talking about – that much is obvious  – as evidenced by the numbers you cited being incomparable for a very basic reason.  It’s your cite.  Why don’t you, oh Great Elected Official, explain what that basic reason might be?

  87. Major Booris

    Here’s an apology for you, Kevin. I’m sorry reality has to bend itself around your ego several times a day. I’m sorry your employees don’t get paid extra for having to listen to your bloviating. I’m sorry your wife has to work so hard behind the scenes repairing the damage you inadvertently do to your social circle. I’m sorry you were either beaten too much by your parents or not enough by your classmates. I’m sorry diagnosing autism-spectrum disorders was much more difficult in our generation. I’m sorry your children were born with the disadvantage of having such an arrogant, self-righteous, inflexible, pompous twit for a father. Finally, I’m sorry to know you.

    Peace out, fatass.

  88. Le Roi du Nord


    Sorry if you can’t read the chart, but I won’t come down there to help you out.  Maybe kevin can help you out there, as he is an all-around expert on everything.  If he isn’t available then maybe little pauly can be of assistance, but be careful of what he tells you, as he is batting 0 for 2018.  But if you want to stay in the dark, be my guest.

    Q: “I’ll provide that after you prove where all the water came from. Deal?”

    A:  2H + O = H2O.    You’re up.


    Well those “dumbest investors ever” are making a profit off their unsubsidized machines.  Perhaps you are just jealous that you missed yet another investment opportunity.


  89. Kevin Scheunemann


    I must have really scrambled your eggs.

    My fault, I should have gone “over easy” on you.

    I’ll take full responsibility for that.

  90. MjM

    Nort spits:  “ …but I won’t come down there to help you out.” 

    Correction: You can’t help simply because, even with all your fabulous Elected Official chart reading skills, you are too stupid to comprehend why the numbers you yourself cite are not directly comparable.

    Here’s a hint, genius: 2.5 ≠ 1

    Nort snorts (again):   A:  2H + O = H2O.

    Constantly repeating yourself is a sign of psychological disorder.  Please note that your regurgitation of this formula does not in any way answer the challenge.

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