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1242, 16 Jul 18

Foxconn Will Only Benefit Southeast Wisconsin

Oh, wait

Foxconn Technology Group is buying a historic downtown Eau Claire building and space in the Haymarket Landing building as part of an expansion that will create 150 jobs.

The company announced it is expanding its Wisconn Valley Innovation Network to west-central Wisconsin as part of its initiative to spur innovation, attract talent and connect with supply chain partners, according to a statement. Foxconn plans to close on these properties later this year and open new operations in early 2019.

The new centers, to be named Foxconn Place Chippewa Valley, will create at least 150 high-tech jobs in Eau Claire. Employees will work with companies that will become part of Foxconn’s extensive supply chain and contribute to the development of the AI 8K+5G ecosystem that Foxconn is building in Wisconsin.

“We are excited to expand our Wisconn Valley footprint to the Chippewa Valley and west-central Wisconsin. Our goal in establishing Foxconn Place here is to help inspire innovative ideas, attract talent and catalyze cutting-edge solutions in this part of the state,” said Alan Yeung, Foxconn’s Director of U.S. Strategic Initiatives and President of FEWI Development Corporation. “Foxconn Place Chippewa Valley will play a key role in building a vibrant AI 8K+5G ecosystem in the U.S., with Wisconsin at the center of this vision.”

I will remind the gentle reader that every single Democrat running for governor has spoken against the Foxconn deal. I actually think that if one of them would break with the pack and champion Foxconn, they would stand a better chance of winning the general election, but it would kill them in the primary.


1242, 16 July 2018


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Walker just keeps on winning!

  2. Le Roi du Nord

    Yup, when they build facilities in Florence and Rhinelander I might start to see it your way, until then this is still an expensive campaign scam.

  3. Paul

    Nobody cares about your shitty town, dinosaur.

  4. Le Roi du Nord


    And nobody on this green earth cares one whit about you, never have, never will.  That is what a bad attitude, poor manners, and a really filthy mouth will do for you.  So you have lots of room to improve.  Have a great day.

  5. Paul

    Hurry up and pass on, gramps. I have a dump to take on your grave.

  6. dad29

    Most people with common sense simply pick up and leave their home-town for a great opportunity someplace else.  I have ancestors that traveled about 2,000 miles on a boat for that opportunity.

    Nordski would rather dictate his terms to an $$Umpty-Billion corporate entity.

    So we can eliminate “common sense” from the Nordski quiver.

  7. Le Roi du Nord

    Really lame comparison, d-ski.  Explain how a logger in Florence will benefit by Foxconn?  Or a resort owner in Boulder Junction ?  Or a school teacher in Spooner?  Or their grand kids, who will be paying for this scam.  walker may get a couple more votes in SE WI, but the folks in the north and west won’t benefit, but will pay, so he is going to have a tough time in the rural areas.

    Just curious, you ever get to the north or west part of the state, or are you afraid to travel beyond the street lights?

  8. dad29

    No point in explanations for you.  It’s clear that you are beyond help.

  9. jjf

    Come on, Nord.  A responsibility of $1773 per household means we’ll all be working harder, and that’s a good thing, right?

  10. Le Roi du Nord


    Yup saw that, just proves my point that folks aren’t going to move from Florence to Racine for <$15/hr.  dad just wants us all to be poorer, work harder, and vote for walker.

  11. MHMaley

    Remind me when they “create “ $3 Billion in salaries etc .
    Then they will be working with their own money .
    Until them , the state of Wisconsin taxpayers are paying for everything and at a handsome rate per job created .

  12. dad29

    the state of Wisconsin taxpayers are paying for everything and at a handsome rate per job created

    Just like we do for massively over-paid college professors!!

  13. jjf

    Just like we do for massively over-paid college professors!!

    And you look the other way when Walker hires the wet-behind-the-ears children of donors at exorbitant rates, right?


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