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2040, 17 May 18

Graduate Protests Suppression of 2nd Amendment Rights on Campus

Good for her.


Kaitlin Bennett graduated from Kent State University in Ohio with a degree in biology.

The following day, the 22-year-old returned to the campus with an AR-10 semi-automatic rifle strapped to her back and posed for photographs while holding a graduation cap emblazoned with the words “come and take it”.

Bennett, who later posted the photographs on Twitter, says she was protesting against a university policy that prohibited students, professors and employees from carrying “lethal weapons” on campus – but allows “guests” to possess them on school grounds (but not in buildings).

She noted that Kent State was the location where “four unarmed students were shot and killed by the government” – a reference to the 1970 incident where soldiers clashed with Vietnam War protesters, firing shots that hit 13 protesters and bystanders.


2040, 17 May 2018


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    That is just good journalism.

  2. jjf

    And if those students had been armed back in 1970?

  3. Le Roi du Nord


    Yup, that would have been a bloodbath at KSU.  Funny that the “conservatives” of 1970 were all out for the war in VN, and weren’t held responsible for the massacre at KSU.  Me thinks Ms Bennett really doesn’t have much grasp on the history there.

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