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2124, 19 Apr 18

Asperger Sent Kids to their Deaths

I expect they’ll be renaming that syndrome fairly soon.

Newly uncovered documents suggest Hans Asperger, the paediatrician whose name describes a form of autism, was actively involved in the Nazi regime’s euthanasia programme in Austria.

The evidence comes from previously unexamined Nazi-era documents and patient records.

They suggest Dr Asperger ingratiated himself by referring children to a notorious euthanasia clinic.

Prof Asperger claimed to have shielded his patients from the Nazi regime.

The patient records and documents show that Dr Asperger sent patients to the Am Spiegelgrund clinic in Vienna, where they were put to death.


2124, 19 April 2018

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  1. Jason

    Ironically, those with Asperger’s are highly resistant to change.  Wonder if they will accept a new label for the condition?

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