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1143, 24 Mar 18

Fascists March in Washington to Disarm Citizenry

Thanks, but keep your revolution out of my gun safe.

David Hogg, one of the Stoneman Douglas survivors who has been at the forefront of the issue ever since, spoke confidently about the event on Saturday morning in an early interview with GMA.

‘Today we are going to start a revolution. This is the beginning of a lifelong marathon not only for me but for my generation.

‘We are sick and tired of the inaction here in Washington and around the country at different state capitals and different cities, of politicians that are owned by the NRA and not listening to the constituents of America.

‘We are the children. We are making our voices heard and we will change America with or without these politicians and today is the beginning of that revolution,’ he declared.

Hogg, who complained on Friday that his parents ‘don’t know how to use a f****** democracy so we have to’ and said he was ‘tired’ from his advocacy work, said he was saddened by another shooting in Maryland this week which he said forced him to ‘relive’ his own experience.


1143, 24 March 2018


  1. dad29

    It appears that Hogg’s father was neutered soon after Hogg’s birth.

  2. MjM

    Is it me, or is this Hogg punk seem to be headed towards *being* the next shooter? His head is so large now that when it pops it’s going to be rather ugly.

  3. Jason

    He’s a typical teenager these days.  Indestructible, until their eyes are opened.  Always right, until they’re awakened.  Unstoppable, until they’re stopped.   Omniscient in their ideals, until they’re pressed for details.


    I blame the Obama era of “Hope and Change” for letting these children have such foolishness.


    I also blame the media for getting behind this tom-foolery.  Their message deserves a blurb in the news, not day after day of pontification  and bobbling of talking heads of the foolishness.  But hey, the Left thinks that these teenagers are the future, they can fix everything, just by gathering and voting.  LOL.

  4. jonnyv

    Funny. Jason blames Obama for teenagers being teenagers. Is there ANYTHING you can’t blame him for? Do you blame Obama for the teenagers that protested Vietnam too? Teenagers have been brash, cocky, and out of touch since the first teenager in the history of mankind.

    And if all the young 18-25 year old people actually took the time to vote, the Grand Old Party would be screwed. But they don’t. It is unfortunate, but true.

    Here is the other thing I will say. The NRA and the gun advocates must truly be scared. Because I have seen SO much disinformation about all these kids on social media that it is really silly. Everything from minor lies to outright nutbag Alex Jones stuff being shared by people. If it wasn’t so sad, it would be funny.

  5. Paul

    You’re an idiot, Jonny. Jason said nothing of the sort.

  6. dad29

    Eh….not “scared,” not even concerned.  No laws will change, and nobody will come and take the guns, unless they want to die in the process.

    Fact of life.

  7. jonnyv

    I think you are wrong in that laws won’t change. I don’t think we will see a change to the 2nd amendment anytime in my lifetime, but I think you will see state laws get updated and amended over the next few years.

    If people weren’t scared for their rights, there wouldn’t be this uproar against these young adults. There wouldn’t be people sharing the dumbest conspiracy theories and photoshops trying to attack the character of these people. We wouldn’t hear people attacking them personally by calling them facists and libtards. They would attack the message and not the messenger.

    And no one is going to EVER come and try to take your guns. That isn’t how it would ever work. But if the laws of the land DID change by legitimate methods, you would hand it over and all your talk would be useless. Because you are a law abiding citizen and not a nut. But again, it is NEVER going to happen and anyone saying that any political side is coming for your guns is a moron and liar and trying to play on your emotions.

    IF something ever changed it would probably be a grandfathered law and when you passed away your guns would be collected by the gov’t and not allowed to be passed on to your children. But, that is a fairytale land that we will not see in our lifetime.

  8. Paul

    My rights aren’t subject to your fucking vote or a fucking opinion poll.

  9. jonnyv

    But PSPaul, they are. The Constitution is a living document. If we all agreed to remove the 1st amendment, we could.

    But as I clearly stated, it isn’t going to happen.

  10. Paul

    “The Constitution is a living document…”

    Cabeza de agua

  11. Jason

    > If we all agreed to remove the 1st amendment, we could.

    Are you sure about that? Why then is there a 21st amendment, rather than just someone scratching out the 18th?

  12. dad29

    IF something ever changed it would probably be a grandfathered law and when you passed away your guns would be collected by the gov’t and not allowed to be passed on to your children

    So sorry.  I had a terrible canoe accident and all my weapons fell into the water.

  13. jonnyv

    Jason. That is actually a good thought experiment. TBH I don’t know if they could flat out REMOVE an amendment? Obviously we have only repealed one amendment with another. Legally I don’t know if you could physically remove the actual amendment from the Constitution vs just adding an amendment nullifying another specified one.

    For posterity and history, I wouldn’t want to see anything get removed. It would add a strange numbering issue.

    But my point for PSPaul was that we could remove the right that the amendment provides. ;)

  14. Paul

    Well, we still get a vote under Rule 308.

    You will never, ever repeal the Second Amendment. Ever.

  15. Paul

    Water head.

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