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1224, 24 Mar 18

Foxconn to Add $51.5 Billion to Wisconsin Economy

Granted, it is not from an uninterested source, but the numbers are not unreasonable considering the projected size of the facility.

A fully built Foxconn Technology Group plant would add $51.5 billion to Wisconsin’s gross domestic product over the 15 years the state pays incentives to the company, a new analysis by the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce concludes.

That would equate to $18 of economic impact for every $1 spent by the state, the business group, which worked to help attract Foxconn, said.

Averaged over the 15 years, the MMAC’s estimate amounts to an additional $3.4 billion annually in state gross domestic product from Foxconn. That would tack another 1% onto Wisconsin’s current GDP of about $313 billion.

Since the recession, the state’s GDP has grown at an average of 3.6% a year.

1224, 24 March 2018


  1. jjf

    Those magic multipliers, they’re multiplying. 18:1. Wow. Hard to believe.

  2. Paul

    Citation missing.

  3. Jason

    Uh that’s different Mark, because that number supports the troll’s point of view.  LOL

  4. jjf

    Not at all. Yes, all those multipliers are suspicious to my eye. Why would you think one is better than the other?

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