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2048, 11 Mar 18

Warren Defends Her “Truth”


Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., argued that her family’s claim to Native American ancestry is an indelible part of who she is — something that can never be taken away.

Warren defended herself on NBC’s “Meet the Press with Chuck Todd” Sunday morning when asked what she thought about taking an easily accessible DNA test, such as those offered by 23andMe or Ancestry, to settle the ongoing controversy over her heritage.

Rather than address that question specifically, Warren told a story about how her mother and father, born and raised in Oklahoma, met as teenagers and fell head-over-heels in love. Her father’s family was bitterly opposed to their relationship, she said, because her mother was part Native American, but the couple eloped and persevered.

“That’s the story that my brothers and I all learned from our Mom and our Dad, from our grandparents and all of our aunts and uncles. It’s a part of me, and nobody is going to take that part of me away — not ever,” Warren said.

After hearing this story, Todd returned to his initial concern: Why not do genealogical research or take a DNA test to find out her actual heritage? What’s wrong with knowing whether her family’s story was the truth?

“I do know. I know who I am. And never used it for anything, never got any benefit out of it anywhere,” she said.

This is pure liberal. She would rather defend her fictional family lore as “truth” instead of getting to the real truth. The story is more important to her than truth. Meanwhile, she is appropriating someone else’s heritage without shame or apology.


2048, 11 March 2018


  1. billphoto

    Owen, you are a racist.  Why?

    According to American sociologist W E B DuBoisRace race is used as a biological explanation for what are social and cultural differences between different populations of people .  (Research also find DuBois was also an important black protest leader and played a prominent part in the creation of the NAACP.)

    In 2014, Kemmelmeier and Chavez took this to its’ present day ideology, publishing an article that drew the conclusion that people that identified images of Barack Obama with a darker skin tone were expressing “tone bias” exposing their racism.

    Ms. Warren is using race, which is a social construct, to establish her racial heritage.  So, Owen, actually asking Ms. Warren to prove her racial heritage, in reality, means you are exposing your racist and she is the victim.

    The left in our Country has used victimhood as their counter to common sense when they have no real counter-point.  Webster defines victim as “a person harmed, injured, or killed as a result of a crime, accident, or other event or action.”  A victim, of course, deserves special treatment.

    The real question her is if Ms. Warren married Rachel Dolezai, would you bake them a cake?


  2. MjM

    “And never used it for anything, never got any benefit out of it anywhere,” she said.

    ….and a blatant liar.

  3. Pat

    I’d think that people would be more concerned with the volume, and content, of lies Drumpf makes on a daily basis. But instead, it’s easier to fake outrage over something that’s pretty trivial in the overall spectrum of things.

  4. Le Roi du Nord


    Hit the nail right on the head.

  5. billphoto

    The topic is Ms. Warren and her use of identity politics by leftists.  Off topic posts are micro-aggressions, offensive and hurtful to my tender sensibilities.

  6. Pat

    “The topic is Ms. Warren and her use of identity politics by leftists.“

    Oh! I thought it was about distracting conservatives from important issues by screaming squirrel.

  7. billphoto

    Ms. Warren has previously announced and defended her American Indian ethnic background. Her “proof” is a conversation she claims she heard as a child. One would think, given the ridicule she has endured, that some additional data such as a DNA test, would be forthcoming defaming her accusers and silencing them forever but this is not the way of the identity political ideology.
    The purpose of deciding ones race, gender, whatnot is to establish membership with a perceived victim group. Oddly the definition of these groups is solely the purview of the left. While it is OK for Hasta Muerte Coffee to refuse to serve law enforcement officers in uniform claiming their right to refuse service to anyone, it is not OK for a Christian baker to refuse service to homosexuals. This, while Muslim owned bakeries are not subject to the same rules as Christians.
    Liberals like Ms. Warren, use identity political ideology so they can use grievance and persecution as tools to further their goal of dividing our Country. Obviously, acknowledgment of reality is not a requirement for the left.  Ms. Warren may be seeing a screaming squirrel which distracted her from the reality that she, like so many other liberals, has been exposed.

  8. Pat

    That’s all fine and wonderful, Bill. But it doesn’t change my opinion that the topic is nothing more than a distraction from the really important topics about POTUS. If Obama said and did .001% of the what the current resident of the White House has, conservatives would be livid with blogs, talk radio, Fox News, and conservatives marching in the streets and screaming at the top of their voices that he step down.

  9. Pat

    I forgot to mention the ability of conservatives to defend Trump’s “Truth”. Or perhaps a better word would be ignore.

  10. Kevin Scheunemann


    I don’t get it.   We excuse Elizabeth Warren for being “trans-racial”, but Rachel Dolezal was cruscified by the left for attempting to be “trans-racial”?

    So you can pretend to be Native American,  woman can pretend to be men and men to be women, but the line gets drawn when a white person pretends to be black?

    How does that work?

  11. billphoto

    National Review had an article last year that I will always remember two sentences, “At the core of left-wing thought is a rejection of painful realities, the rejection of what the French call les faits de la vie, the facts of life. Conservatives, on the other hand, are all too aware of these painful realities of life and base many of their positions on them.”

    Hilarious example here, too, avoiding any engagement and chasing squirrels.  I especially like the new math “If Obama said and did .001%” reference to our ‘scandal free’  previous regime.  RAFLMAO.

  12. dad29

    Pat and Nord are leftists.  It’s useful to remember that leftists have only ONE standard:  the Double Standard.

    Warren claims to be Heap Big Injun to obtain faculty status at Heap Big Law School.  Trump never claimed to be anything but what he is.

    So Trump screws women and calls a spade a spade.  So what?

  13. Pat

    It’s a good thing I’m not a leftist because I have a singular standard which doesn’t fit within either your liberal, or conservative, tribal standards.

  14. Le Roi du Nord

    I’m no leftist either, but that is certainly better than being a trump apologist.

    “Trump never claimed to be anything but what he is.”   Har har, good attempt at humor.

    So Trump screws women and calls a spade a spade.  So what?”  Family values and all that are just meaningless to you, eh?

  15. MjM

    Bill Sez: “Her ‘proof’ is a conversation she claims she heard as a child.”

    Well, it’s MUCH more than that…

    “And my Aunt Bea has walked by that picture at least a 1,000 times remarked that he – her father, my Papaw — had high cheek bones like all of the Indians do.” – Warren May 3, 2012

    Funny thing, my gramps had high cheek bones, too.  He was 100% German.

  16. dad29

    I didn’t vote for a saint to be President and I don’t vote for the President to be a saint.

    But I drew the line at murder, so I didn’t vote for Bobby Kennedy, Bill Clinton, or Hillary.

    Democrats have no values at all.  Like I said, their standard is the Double Standard.

  17. Le Roi du Nord

    Nope, it looks like dad is the guy with the double standard.  Warren may or may not have some native american blood, but the list of lies said by trump is almost endless.

  18. Paul

    Did he claim there were three 500-year floods in a year or that the GOP had 12 years of full control?

    Maybe BTK II should be quiet.

  19. Le Roi du Nord


    Who did Bobby Kennedy murder?  Bill?  Hillary?  Got some facts to share?

  20. Paul

    Nobody cares, BTK.

  21. kjanz1899

    When will someone create the movie: An Inconvenient Truth: DNA Testing?

  22. dad29

    errrrghhh…..Teddy, the Swimmer.

  23. Pat

    “I didn’t vote for a saint to be President and I don’t vote for the President to be a saint.”

    And you certainly didn’t! What do you look for in a President?

  24. Le Roi du Nord


    Correction accepted.  But beware, little paul is gonna be all over you on this snafu.

    Now how about Bill and Hillary?

  25. Paul

    Bobby Kennedy murdered Marilyn Monroe.

    Shush, BTK.

  26. Le Roi du Nord

    Protests have been a part of the political fabric in the US for a long time.  Remember the Boston Tea Party??  Kent State?  Rosa Parks?? I would hope all civics/government/social studies teachers across the country would use this opportunity as a teachable moment and have the kids learn from their activities.  We are up here.

    Like I said, it was an easy question to answer, but since giving an answer would require a departure from your world view, you choose to attack the questioner.

  27. Paul

    Wrong thread, BTK.

  28. jjf

    In the world of genealogy, it’s quite common to find people who firmly believe some family story that’s been passed-down, misremembered, a half-truth, or an outright lie.  There are thousands of people who want to believe that great-great-great-grandma was a native princess.

    Oh, wait…  you weren’t advocating for politicians to actually be required to demonstrate proof of their claims, were you?  You only want to tar a Democrat while making gross generalizations against “liberals.”

    If it is truth you want, which other recent claims might need proof?

  29. dad29

    Bill and Hillary earned the neologism “Clintoncide.”  The highways of Arkansas are littered with victims.

    I’ll grant you this:  they are better at this than the Russkis.  The Russkis leave tracks.

  30. Le Roi du Nord


    So you made that up as well?

  31. Paul

    Three 500-year floods in a year…

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