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1622, 09 Feb 18

Massive Increase in Spending. More Debt.

This was one of the fears of the Trump winning.

Thanks to the bipartisan agreement reached this week, crafting a spending agreement in March should be an easier task.

The overall budget caps – set after fierce negotiations back in 2011 when Republicans were railing against runaway government deficits – have been raised.

Congress has agreed to a general spending outline for the next two years, and now what’s left is filling in the gaps.

The military will get a total of $165bn (£119bn) in new funding – for weapons-development programmes, training, facilities and the like – bringing the total for 2018 to more than $700bn.

Discretionary domestic spending will go up $131bn, to almost $600bn in total. (The rest of the US budget is comprised of mandatory social safety net programmes and servicing the US government debt.)

Speaking of that debt, it already totals more than $20tn and is set to expand like the waistline of a middle-aged man who, after contemplating whether to exercise and go on a diet, opts to stay on the couch and eat.

The fear is that Trump is not a small government guy. He’s a big government guy. And there are already plenty of big government Republicans in Congress. This is what we get… plenty of spending and goodies for ever politician’s pet special interest. Taxpayers get screwed for generations.


1622, 09 February 2018


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