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1456, 09 Feb 18

LL Bean Ends Unlimited Returns

Some folks just ruin it for everyone.

L.L. Bean’s generous return policy is going to be a little less forgiving, after people have abused the policy and are returning items they bought at thrift stores and found in the trash.

The company, which has touted its 100 percent satisfaction guarantee for more than a century, is imposing a one-year limit on most returns to reduce growing abuse and fraud.

The outdoor specialty retailer said returns of items that have been destroyed or rendered useless, including some purchased at thrift stores or retrieved from trash bins, have doubled in the past five years, surpassing the annual revenue from the company’s famous boot.

‘The numbers are staggering,’ CEO Steve Smith said. ‘It’s not sustainable from a business perspective. It’s not reasonable. And it’s not fair to our customers.’


1456, 09 February 2018


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