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2020, 08 Feb 18

Olympian in Debt

This just seems extraordinarily stupid. I hope that the media doesn’t glorify her reckless financial decisions.

A U.S. bobsleigh athlete has revealed she is already on skid row before she bids for glory in the Big Freeze Winter Olympics set to take place on Friday.

Katie Uhlaender, the Colorado-born double World Cup winner told she is deeply in debt, has no job and nowhere to live.

And a gold medal victory here will not ease her financial woes without Uncle Sam getting his share of her award.

The 33-year-old daughter of MLB star and former Cleveland Indians coach Ted Uhlaender, has been told the US public purse will gobble up a large chunk of the $37,500 the American Olympic Committee is set to pay out if she strikes gold.

Many athletes are solely keen to achieve Olympic gold and reap the lifelong adulation and glory which inevitably follows individual triumph on the world’s biggest sporting stage.


2020, 08 February 2018


  1. MjM

    ….but she has money laying around to spend on dying her hair goofy colors.

    Here’s how to fix the situation: Face reality and get a job.

    Bonus Question: Who is the worlds most famous bobsledder?

    Go ahead, I’ll give you a month or six to come up with the answer.






  2. Le Roi du Nord

    MLB “legend”  ??   Now you know this is fake news.  The guy hit .263 with a total of 36 HR’s in parts of 8 seasons in the majors.

  3. billphoto

    The 33-year-old daughter of MLB STAR and former Cleveland Indians COACH Ted Uhlaender,  Legend, I don’t see no stinking “legend.”  Oh, oh.  i did a ‘odeur puante.’

  4. Jason

    Nice one Bill, the troll can bust on Kevin all day long for pedantic shit, but can’t take the heat when he fucks up him/her self.  What a child.

  5. Paul

    At least he didn’t use k-word like the other troll did last weekend.

  6. Paul

    And Uhlaender finished 27th in MVP voting in 1968. So yeah, that’s at least a half-assed star.

  7. billphoto

    It was really wrong of me to bait one of our leftist but I do find it amusing to turn the tables occasionally.  BTW-odeur puante translates as stinky odor.  I could have been really mean and taken a certain nom de plume and “adjusted’ it.  My only defense is II just get sick of the continual barf hurl instead of benefiting from the opinions of other so I try to use humor and sarcasm at another ‘s expense.

  8. Pat

    Owen, maybe you can pull out this lie too.

    “At least he didn’t use k-word like the other troll did last weekend.”

  9. Owen

    Maybe you two can act like effin’ adults.

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