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1703, 08 Feb 18

UW Madison to Subsidize Middle and Low Income Students

This is nice.

UW-Madison officials say they will cover tuition and fee costs for Wisconsin students from families with incomes below the state median, a move they say shows all state residents that an education at the state’s flagship campus is within reach.

The plan, dubbed “Bucky’s Tuition Promise,” was unveiled at a University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents meeting Thursday.

It pledges to cover four year’s tuition and certain fees for all in-state students who are accepted to the university and come from families with a yearly household income of $56,000 or less. University officials say that amount is roughly the median family income in Wisconsin.

UW-Madison officials stressed the plan will not trigger financial aid reductions elsewhere and is not funded with taxpayer dollars.

Rather, they said the anticipated cost — about $3 million a year when fully phased in — will be paid by private donations and other revenue sources such as licensing royalties.


1703, 08 February 2018


  1. Mike

    “other revenue sources”, Student Fees? These are a big cost factor for students, and student fees are always full boat, they are not pro-rated for part time students. Take one class in a semester and get charged the full cost of student fees.


  2. Owen

    I assumed that they meant from patent royalties and whatnot, but you bring up a good question.

  3. MjM

    licensing royalties

    Um, more likely the $$ from Champion for those Bucky t-shirts.  And if not, then the specific departments which created that patent revenue get screwed.

    Yes, instead of lowering tuition and fees across the board lets just keep ’em up there for everyone, and pay for dem new po’ folk by moving money from here to there and grubbing for even more donations so that our dean can keep his free housing and $400,000 salary intact.

    Meanwhile, the family making $56,500,  like us taxpayers, also get screwed.




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