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1013, 30 Dec 17

Only Five Qualify to Hunt in West Bend’s Parks

When the city announced their plan for hunting in the parks, I said, “only government could come up with something so convoluted.” Well, the result of their process is that they needed nine hunters, they had nine applicants, and only five qualified.

There were nine bow hunters who participated in the proficiency test and bow hunter exam. The step was part of the process to take part in the public deer hunt set for Jan. 10-14, 2018.

Five hunters passed with a perfect score including Steven Kraker, Brad Zuba, Jeffrey G. Bach and Brad Beck. Following a background check the hunters will be issued nuisance tags.

The city is working with people in the community to try to trim the local deer herd by about 40 bucks and does.


City clerk Stephanie Justman said the committee will determine how to move forward with fewer hunters. “There were four districts/zones outlined for the hunt at Lac Lawrann Conservancy and five districts/zones at Ridge Run Park,” she said.


1013, 30 December 2017


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