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1238, 30 Dec 17

Iran Erupting

It’s probably too much to hope for, but let’s hope that they people of Iran can cast aside the oppressive yoke of Islamic fundamentalism.

Anti-government protests have continued in Iran for a third day, with reports of demonstrations in many cities despite warnings from authorities.

At Tehran University, protesters called for Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei to step down and there were clashes with police.

Demonstrators ignored the interior minister’s warning that citizens should avoid “illegal gatherings”.

Meanwhile, thousands of pro-government demonstrators turned out for rallies.

These official rallies were organised in advance of the anti-government protests, to mark the eighth anniversary of the suppression of major street protests in 2009.

The current protests began in the north-east on Thursday over living standards and by Friday had spread to several major cities.


1238, 30 December 2017


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Now that America tossed its soft on evil President, I think time may be here for Iranian revolution.

    Trump carries a lot of weight vs. the soft on evil, coddling, liberal Obama.

  2. Pat

    And what specific action would you like Trump to take to help the Iranian revolution?

  3. Le Roi du Nord

    “soft on evil President”.

    I’m sure bin-Laden would disagree, but why let the truth be relevant to your claims?

  4. billphoto

    I see attacks but no offers of an alternative solution or even any discussion of the topic.

  5. Paul

    Of course not, Bill. The two RSOs are cooped in the house and have to lash out at others.

  6. Pat

    I asked for an opinion from Kevin. No where did I “attack”. Kevin’s opinion might be spectacular.

    On a side note Bill, after having a devistating 2017, I hope nothing but the best for you in 2018.

  7. billphoto

    Pat – thank you for the kind sentiment.  The unexpected death of my wife of 32 years November 10th really did a number on me.  With help from companies like Kohl’s, that secretly cancelled my healthcare insurance (another story), 2017 was truly a devastating year.  I, too, hope the best for me in 2018 and, of course, you also.

  8. Kevin Scheunemann


    At very least, encouraging them openly to bring down their evil government.   Obama coddled the evil and supported it with the disgusting Iranian nuke deal.   That killed the revolution because you cannot count on liberals to stand up to human rights evil these days.

  9. Pat

    “Kevin’s opinion might be spectacular.”

    I guess I was wrong.

  10. Pat

    The nuclear deal was made by the P5+1 (the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council—the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, France, and China—plus Germany) and the European Union.

    The Obama administration openly supported the Iranian Green Movement and condemned the government crackdown on their demonstrations.

  11. Paul

    And the text proving the poster above is a lying degenerate.

    One of the great hypotheticals of Barack Obama’s presidency involves the Iranian uprising that began on June 12, 2009, after Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was announced the winner of contested presidential elections. What if the president had done more to help the protesters when the regime appeared to be teetering?

    It’s well known he was slow to react. Obama publicly downplayed the prospect of real change at first, saying the candidates whom hundreds of thousands of Iranians were risking their lives to support did not represent fundamental change. When he finally did speak out, he couldn’t bring himself to say the election was stolen: “The world is watching and inspired by their participation, regardless of what the ultimate outcome of the election was.”

    But Obama wasn’t just reluctant to show solidarity in 2009, he feared the demonstrations would sabotage his secret outreach to Iran. In his new book, “The Iran Wars,” Wall Street Journal reporter Jay Solomon uncovers new details on how far Obama went to avoid helping Iran’s green movement. Behind the scenes, Obama overruled advisers who wanted to do what America had done at similar transitions from dictatorship to democracy, and signal America’s support.

    Solomon reports that Obama ordered the CIA to sever contacts it had with the green movement’s supporters. “The Agency has contingency plans for supporting democratic uprisings anywhere in the world. This includes providing dissidents with communications, money, and in extreme cases even arms,” Solomon writes. “But in this case the White House ordered it to stand down.”

    At the time, Solomon reports, Obama’s aides received mixed messages. Members of the Iranian diaspora wanted the president to support the uprisings. Dissident Iranians from inside the country said such support would be the kiss of death. In the end, Obama did nothing, and Iran’s supreme leader blamed him anyway for fomenting the revolt.

  12. Pat

    Jay Solomon? Wasn’t he fired by the Wall Street Journal for ethics conflicts?

  13. Paul

    Pat-to-English translation:

    I just got busted lying.

  14. Pat

    Yes, Jay Solomon was fired and the Wall Street Journal was scrutinizing his stories. Sounds like he possibly writes “fake news”.

  15. Paul

    Figures an anti-Semite like you can’t attack the facts, so you attack the Jewish source.

  16. Pat

    Here’s a fact:
    Solomon was fired by The Wall Street Journal and his stories are being scrutinized.

    Only you, being the racist you are, thought Solomon being Jewish was relevant.

  17. Paul

    Here’s a fact:

    You’re a disgusting anti-Semite.

    Own it.

  18. Paul

    Now it’s time for you to tuck your racist, anti-Semitic tail between your legs and GTFO here.

  19. Pat

    Danger!!! All links referenced are malware.

  20. Paul

    Nice try, anti-Semite.

    Try logging out and back in as Le Roy du Moore.

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