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1236, 29 Nov 17

North Korea Launches Another Missile

The most powerful yet.

North Korea said that the intercontinental ballistic missile it launched earlier today is a new, nuclear-capable weapon that could reach the entire continental U.S.

State television said Wednesday the new ICBM — which it called a Hwasong 15 — was “significantly more” powerful than the previous long-range ICBM the North tested.

The Hwasong 15 reached an altitude of 2,800 miles, making it the highest North Korean missile test to date, two U.S. officials confirmed.

It traveled for an estimated 50 minutes, the longest of the country’s missile flights, an official said.

Nukes? Check.

ICBM? Check.

Nuke small enough to launch? TBD.

Threat to U.S. and allies? Check.



1236, 29 November 2017


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