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0657, 23 Nov 17

Happy Thanksgiving

To all of my readers, friends, family, acquaintances, coworkers, & enemies… Happy Thanksgiving, y’all. May you all have a safe and comfortable one.

And just to insert a little controversy and debate into the day, is the correct pronunciation THANKSgiving or thanksGIVING? On what syllABLE do you place the emPHASis?


0657, 23 November 2017


  1. billphoto

    Owen, Owen, Owen.  You know Thanksgiving is a PAgan holiday and, by your post, you certainly will trigGER someone.

  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    I am thankful for the fact this holiday does drive the left nuts.

  3. Le Roi du Nord

    Using Thanksgiving to take a whack at those that disagree with you.  What a small and petty life you lead.

  4. Paul

    Nobody cares what you think, Le Roy du Moore.

  5. billphoto

    Have to say it, I told you so.

  6. Kevin Scheunemann


    No whacking involved.   Just facts.   When the left perceives America as the center of causing all the problems in the world, hates America, and thinks the whole world is mysoginistic, trans-phobic, homophobic, biphobic, etc, etc, simply because one is thankful for God and Country, it’s difficult for left to be thankful…that is why this holiday drives left nuts.

  7. Le Roi du Nord

    That’s funny, you implying the use of facts.  If your comment weren’t so sad and disingenuous I’d laugh.

  8. Kevin Scheunemann


    I got hundreds of emails last 3 months from completely miserable liberals expressing that same sentiment.   (All over positive God and Country expression on my DQ door sign.)   That is a FACT.   Fortunately, I got over 25,000 emails that love the sign.

  9. Paul

    Careful, Kevin. You may trigger Le Roy du Moore into another BTK spree.

  10. Le Roi du Nord


    I really don’t give a rat’s patoot about the response on your door sign.  What is sad is that you would use the occasion of a holiday to “drive the left nuts”.  Not a very christian attitude.

  11. Paul

    Go cry about it somewhere else, you sanctimonious hunk of whale shit.

    Eight six trolls

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