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1402, 17 Nov 17

North Korean Defector Found Riddled With Parasites

They may have to resort to nukes just because their soldiers aren’t healthy enough for a sustained effort.

The massive infection is most likely linked to the low levels of hygiene found in the hermit kingdom. The worms were most likely contracted by eating vegetables fertilized with human feces, the doctors believe. There are many ways to safely use manure to fertilize fields, however, it appears that North Korea doesn’t use these practices.

International sanctions, droughts, and disastrous internal management mean food shortages are a big problem in North Korea. Up to 70 percent of the population live on food aid and eat a dangerously unvaried diet. Micronutrient deficiencies, particularly in iron, zinc, vitamin A, and iodine, are therefore common. Inside the soldier’s gut, they also found corn, a staple grain of the North Korean diet.

In the DPRK, young men must serve compulsory military service for 10 years and women for seven. A further 4-5 percent of North Korea’s 24 million people serve on active military duty, and another 30 percent are assigned to a reserve or paramilitary unit, according to the US Office of Secretary of Defense. This means the soldier’s body is representative of many North Koreans and potentially insightful for researchers hoping to learn about the wider health of the country.

“I don’t know what is happening in North Korea, but I found many parasites when examining other defectors,” added Professor Seo Min. “In one case, we found 30 types of roundworms in a female defector. The parasite infection problem seems to be serious even if it does not represent the entire North Korean population.”


1402, 17 November 2017


  1. dad29

    Ahh!  The Socialist Paradise!

    Perhaps we should check Bernie for parasites, eh?  Ohhh…wait:  Bernie IS a parasite.

  2. Pat

    “Ohhh…wait: Bernie IS a parasite.”

    How so?

  3. dad29

    Don’t have time to answer.  But you could look up his bio and then the bio of his wife.  Don’t forget to count how many homes the Parasite & wife own.

  4. Pat

    Ok, I understand, you don’t have an answer beyond he has homes. I wonder how many others in the “swamp” have more than one home?

  5. Pat

    I guess if owning more than one property makes you a parasite, there are a lot of parasites in this country.

  6. Pat

    Check out how many properties, both d & r’s own, you’ll see many parasites. It’s not exclusive. I’m fact I know many not in government that own more than one property.

  7. Paul

    “I’m fact I know many not in government that own more than one property.”

    Go home, troll. You’re drunk.

  8. dad29

    I think I said READ HIS BIOGRAPHY.  But then, reading comprehension is not necessary for Little Lefties, eh?

  9. Pat

    It’s ok that you can’t backup what you said. It’s more than expected. Keep up with your hate.

  10. billphoto

    I do not get how a North Korean defector with an intestinal parasite has any connection with a societal parasite like Sanders except both draw from their host.

    Some have opined that it seems hypocritical of Sanders to bash America for worshipping wealth while racking in a 7 figure income (and paying a tax rate well below what mine).  I would note that both Jane and Bernie have lawyered up regarding the investigation into Burlington College and fraud concerning obtaining bank loans.

    As more information comes out concerning Sanders, his opponent Clinton and the DNC, I suppose one could feel somehow sorry for him but considering the ecosystem of the swamp is one creature eats another, it does not appear relevant.

    From what I have READ, Sanders is small potatoes compared to his swamp brethren, some of whom have benefited much more than him from their time serving the people of our great Country.

  11. dad29

    I just hope “Pat” is not a reading teacher someplace.

  12. Pat

    “I just hope “Pat” is not a reading teacher someplace”

    I’m not. Why the concern?

  13. Pat

    I just hope “Dad” is not a car salesman someplace.

  14. Paul

    Have another drink, rummy

  15. Kevin Scheunemann

    Socialism itself is parasitical….I love the irony!   Glad the socilaist victim is OK in the land of freedom.

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