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1530, 29 Sep 17

Everyone Loves the Cat in the Hat

I know it’s shocking… this librarian is a loon who is so filled with hate for Trump that it spilled over to the beloved Cat in the Hat.

The Massachusetts school librarian who rejected Melania Trump’s book donation, saying Dr. Suess books are ‘steeped in racist propaganda’, dressed up as The Cat in the Hat two years ago.

A photo of Cambridgeport Elementary School librarian Liz Phipps Soeiro wearing the famous cat costume resurfaced Friday.

The caption from the Cambridgeport School Specialists Twitter account revealed she was celebrating Dr. Suess’s birthday with a ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ breakfast.

But in her denouncement of Melania’s book donation on the Horn Book blog website, she linked and cited the book ‘Is the Cat in the Hat Racist? Read Across America Shifts Away from Dr. Seuss and Toward Diverse Books’ by Philip Nel.


1530, 29 September 2017


  1. billphoto

    The part I find astounding is liberals are becoming everything they claim to hate and it is not just hatred but blind raging hatred of anything they have decided is remotely associated with the object of their hate.  Example – a simple book donation.

  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    I can’t wait for the ALA to rush to Mrs. Trump’s defense on this censoring, intolrant, liberal librarian who participates in the “racist mockery” she claims to detest!

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