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0644, 24 Aug 17

Driver Plows Through Trans Lives Matter Protest

You have to read down into the story to get details, but it doesn’t look like the driver was necessarily “anti-trans” or whatever. It looks like he got caught in the protest, his car was surrounded and being hit, and he pushed through the crowd to get out of there.

He tweeted: ‘Car just drove through protesters on Manchester, few injuries not major, only scrapes. Driver fled police chased not pulling over.’

He then posted pictures and added: ‘Pix from car that drove through protesters, car stopped was surrounded, then drove through, one person ended up on hood, only minor injuries.’

Police spokeswoman Schron Jackson told the Riverfront Times: ‘Tonight, a group of protesters marched from the Transgender Memorial to the intersection of Manchester and Sarah were they blocked traffic in all directions.

‘A vehicle approached, stopped, honked its horn and attempted to drive around the protesters.

‘The protesters surrounded the vehicle and began striking it with their hands and a flag pole. Several protesters also kicked and jumped on top of the vehicle.’

She said the driver of the vehicle – a white male – then drove away when two women and a man ‘fell from the vehicle’


0644, 24 August 2017


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