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0702, 29 Jun 17

Lottery Players Come to Wisconsin

Illinois is in free-fall thanks to years and years of bad policies. In a Federal system, we have the advantage of seeing the results of different policies in different states. Illinois serves as a stark warning.

Businesses near the Illinois state line are cashing in on Illinois’ budget impasse.

Illinois state lottery officials suspended Powerball ticket sales, and Mega Millions is expected to stop on Friday.

Convenience stores in Kenosha have already noticed more players from Illinois stopping in to buy tickets.

“Today alone there’s so many people coming up here,” said store owner Roxanne Jackson. “They’re real disappointed that Illinois is canceling their lottery but that’s OK, we’ll bring them here.”


0702, 29 June 2017


  1. steveegg

    It’s amazing that Illinois could screw up something that has an over-30% (and probably closer to 50%) profit margin.

    But please, keep telling us we need to be more like Illinois, liberals.

  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    Liberals screwing up a simple high margin business, no big surprise.

    Democrats in IL are not fit to run a Lemonade stand for 5 minutes.

    WI Democrats should thank Walker for making big pants decision on Act 10. Something IL Democrats failed to do.

  3. MjM

    A 180.

    Until 1989 us cheesheads had to drive into FIB Land to participate in such very bad odds.   I used to drive just south of Genoa City every once in a while to buy a couple lotto tickets.

    One of the first guys to win a big pot – $40 mill, as I recall – had the best reply I every heard when asked what he was going to do with the winnings:  Put the money in the bank and go fishn’

    Too bad all of IL is taking the knife for what is mainly a Chicago+burbs driven problem.  If you take out just Cook County,  Trump wins IL by over 200k votes.   Of 102 IL counties, Trump won 91.





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