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0655, 29 Jun 17

Boaty McBoatface Returns


(CNN)We may not all live in a yellow submarine, but Boaty McBoatface — the internet’s favorite golden-hued robotic submersible — returned home to the United Kingdom last week with “unprecedented data” about some of the coldest and deepest ocean waters on the planet that may help scientists better understand climate change, researchers said in a statement Wednesday.

“We have been able to collect massive amounts of data that we have never been able to capture before due to the way Boaty is able to move underwater,” professor Alberto Naveira Garabato from the University of Southampton, the lead scientist of expedition, said in the statement. “Up until now we have only been able to take measurements from a fixed point, but now, we are able to obtain a much more detailed picture of what is happening in this very important underwater landscape. The challenge for us now is to analyze it all.”
Boaty McBoatface’s first voyage involved three missions 500 miles from the Antarctic Peninsula in the deep, cold water of the Orkney Passage, a region of the Southern Ocean about 4,000 meters deep, according to the British Antarctic Survey.

0655, 29 June 2017


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