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0659, 16 Mar 17

Liberals Whine About Fiscal Restraint

There seems to be a pressing meme from the Left that goes something like this: “we shouldn’t cut small government programs because it won’t make a substantial difference in the debt/taxes/spending.” At the same time, they say that we can’t cut the big government programs like Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, etc. The only thing they seem to be OK with cutting is the military. Funny how that works

Slashing funding for the IRS, the Coast Guard and legal aid for the poor would not move the needle on the United States’ long-term debt problem.

Yet these and other domestic programs are exactly where President Trump is expected to focus his proposed budget cuts due out Thursday.

This kind of spending — called nondefense discretionary spending — goes to everything from education programs to food stamps to foreign aid to technology grants to national parks and museums.


0659, 16 March 2017


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