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0703, 15 Mar 17

Donald Trump’s Taxes

I just don’t care. If he did anything illegal, I would hope that officials at the IRS and Justice Department would have prosecuted him. If he didn’t, then I just. don’t. care. It has zero bearing on my life. But I do love how Trump trolled the media once again. They jumped on this leak, which I’m willing to bet came from Trump himself, and made themselves look like fools. Now he’s effectively taken the story line away from them.

US President Donald Trump paid $38m (£31m) in tax on more than $150m (£123m) income in 2005, a leaked partial tax return shows.

The two pages of tax return, revealed by US TV network MSNBC, also showed he wrote off $103m in losses. It gave no details on income sources.

The White House said publishing the tax return was against the law.

Mr Trump refused to release his tax returns during the election campaign, breaking with a long-held tradition.


0703, 15 March 2017


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    His taxes aren’t even a drop in bucket of a greedy federal government bloated by years of evil liberal policy.

  2. Jason

    Someone correct my math, that’s just over 25% tax rate… wasn’t Obama’s closer to 18%?

  3. kjanz1899

    Safe to say Trump paid a higher tax rate and created more jobs than Obama.

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