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1633, 07 Mar 17

Wikileaks Drops a Bomb on CIA

This is horrible.

Wikileaks has published details of what it says are wide-ranging hacking tools used by the CIA.

The alleged cyber-weapons are said to include malware that targets Windows, Android, iOS, OSX and Linux computers as well as internet routers.

Some of the software is reported to have been developed in-house, but the UK’s MI5 agency is said to have helped build a spyware attack for Samsung TVs.

A spokesman for the CIA would not confirm the details.

No, I’m not talking about CIA surveillance techniques. I’m talking about the massive breach in our national security. The continuing disclosures of national secrets needs to stop. Perhaps if we start executing traitors again it would deter such behavior.


1633, 07 March 2017


  1. jonnyv

    I have very little sympathy for the CIA. They discover flaws in systems and exploit them rather than notify the companies to patch them. Basically leaving ALL OF US open to hacking by other groups (Russians, Terrorists, or just your local malicious hacker). All in the name of national security?

    And then when companies actually DO implement good end to end encryption, they complain that they can’t spy on it? No company should be forced to open their information to the gov’t without a warrant. And no company should be forced to build backdoors into their systems if they choose not to.

  2. Jason

    I am going to disagree with you as well Owen. This type of disclosure – if true – is the best thing to happen in years. There needs to be public and visible oversight of things like this. There is no way anyone can overview what liberties have been violated and contrast that with circumvented planned terror. We certainly haven’t had a lack of terrorist activities around the world while these supposed spying activities have been taking place.

  3. jsr

    The CIA is charged with collecting intelligence.  I expect them to have the sort of tools exposed by Wikileaks.  Nothing new here.

    As for target selection, that is where oversight is needed.

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