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2157, 07 Mar 17

A Day Without Some Women


That’s why the idea that women should take a day off en masse to make a political point is both self-defeating and vaguely insulting. It’s meant to highlight how crucial we are, but its very premise also suggest the opposite: Women are expendable. A Day Without a Woman plays into the idea that we entered the workforce not to support ourselves and our families but to combat boredom or to boost our self-esteem. For all but a very few affluent women, that’s never been the case.

And for all but the most affluent classes, March 8 will be a day like any other day. Except maybe for some serious color clashing when those red clothes are paired with those pink hats. In which case maybe everyone should stay home.


2157, 07 March 2017

1 Comment

  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    In the age of fluid gender, a woman still working today, and criticized by liberal feminists for working, can just gender identify as male for the day.

    I guess gender is important to liberals….only when they want it to be.

    Liberalism is very confusing insanity.



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