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2150, 01 Mar 17


Illegal Alien Detained After Speaking at News Conference

Generally speaking, it is not a good idea to speak at a press conference about one’s illegal activities.

Daniela Vargas, 22, was detained by ICE agents Wednesday morning, shortly after speaking at a news conference in downtown Jackson, according to her attorney, Abby Peterson.

The news conference was hosted by local immigration attorneys, churches and the Mississippi Immigrants Rights Alliance to bring attention to families impacted by deportation.
Vargas’ brother and father were detained outside their home by ICE agents in February. Vargas hid in the closet. When she was discovered by agents, she was temporarily handcuffed and then released.

Vargas was 7 years old when her family came to America from Argentina, placing her under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, immigration policy. Under the policy, DACA recipients have to reapply every two years. Vargas’ DACA is expired but her renewal application is pending.

Peterson said she told agents via telephone Vargas had a pending DACA case. However, agents reportedly told Peterson that Vargas was a “visa overstay” and will be detained.

Vargas has no bond and is in ICE detention.


2150, 01 March 2017


1 Comment

  1. billphoto

    So all she had to do was reapply in less than two years but did not get it done.  If I was facing possible deportation for visa overstay, I think it would be a priority for me.

    Missing from the article is when she applied for US Citizenship.  One would think if she wants to stay in this country so badly, she would have applied years ago.

    There is a silver lining.  Vargas will not have to worry about her family not being together.  They will all be together in whatever country they are from.

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