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2118, 01 Mar 17

DOT Halts Study of Highway Expansion

Good. We don’t have the money to do everything. Prioritize, people.

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation has stopped studying a potential expansion of interstate highways from Madison to Wisconsin Dells, a sign the department may be downsizing its road-building ambitions in the face of mounting budget pressure.

The move appears to foreclose any near-term efforts to expand a corridor that carries growing volumes of traffic, much of it tourism-based, from southern Wisconsin and Illinois to Wisconsin Dells and other points north and west.

In February the department said the corridor would experience “significant problems” from traffic congestion if it is not expanded.

Work on environmental studies of the corridor, which began in 2014, ended Friday, according to a statement from the DOT and federal highway officials. The announcement attributed the move “to recent and ongoing re-prioritization of major transportation projects.”


2118, 01 March 2017


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