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1852, 31 Jan 17

Democrats Hide

Looks like national Democrats have been taking advice from Wisconsin’s Democrats.

US Senate Democrats are boycotting confirmation votes for two of President Donald Trump’s key cabinet nominees, forcing the votes to be postponed.

Senate committees had been expected to approve several candidates, in the second week of Mr Trump’s presidency.

Democrats said they wanted more information about the financial activities of health nominee Tom Price and treasury pick Stephen Mnuchin.

Mr Trump had earlier said the Democrats were obstructing the political process.

A vote on attorney general nominee Jeff Sessions was also postponed.

It seems that they are looking for an even more remote corner of the Wilderness.


1852, 31 January 2017


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Funny, we never saw this Democratic zeal looking into Clinton finances…and there was cause to look into Clinton criminality.

  2. kjanz1899

    Apparently they did not learn any lesson when dems in WI took their toys and for the IL border.

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