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1022, 29 Jan 17

Trump Temporarily Bans Travelers From 7 Nations

This seems significant.

The new Republican president on Friday put a four-month hold on allowing refugees into the United States and temporarily barred travelers from Syria and six other Muslim-majority countries. He said the moves would protect Americans from terrorism, in a swift and stern delivery on a campaign promise.

I admit that since the media and left has been in a constant state of outrage since Trump was elected, I have difficulty discerning what is truly worthy of outrage. In this case, I don’t see very much to be outraged about.

The ban is temporary as the DHS crafts more stringent vetting protocols. It only applies to nations that are rife with terrorists who want to kill Americans. OK, seems good so far. There is no inherent right for people to come to America and it is certainly prudent to do what we can to weed out people who want to kill us.

There does seem to be confusion over the reach of Trump’s order. It is being applied to prevent legal residents from reentering the U.S., but in reading the actual order, I don’t see any grounds for that application. If the intent was for it to apply equally to legal residents of the U.S., then that portion of it is wretched policy unworthy of our nation. If it is a misapplication of the order, then Trump needs to act quickly to make that clear.


1022, 29 January 2017


  1. Pat

    My question is why Saudi Arabia isn’t on the list. It was Saudi Arabian nationals who were responsible for taking down the Trade Center towers.

    Also what is “extreme vetting”, as compared to the vetting process that is currently in place?

  2. Owen

    I suspect that SA wasn’t on the list because they don’t have an ISIS problem thanks to their totalitarian government. Yes, it was Saudi’s who hit us on 9/11, but that was 16 years ago. The current threat is mostly ISIS.

    As to your second question, I don’t know, but details are emerging. It looks like investigations of immigrants’ online activity, biometric tracking, and such are on the table.

  3. Kevin Scheunemann

    Excellent move. I’d include SA.

  4. Jason

    So when is the coverage going to understand and report that the executive order was clear but the passive-aggressive leftovers from the previous administration took it upon themselves to make examples of a few good people. Aka the green card holders or the valid visa holders? I suspect it will happen on Tuesday on page 14 in small print.

  5. Pat

    I think there’s a difference between identifying and banning. Anyway, I still think my suspicion has validity.

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