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2134, 30 Nov 16

Reddit’s Edits

I don’t know why anyone would even bother with Reddit anymore after their CEO admitted to actually editing other people’s comments. And now he is silencing people with whom he disagrees in order to promote “healing.” Whatever. There are plenty of other places on the web.

News-sharing community Reddit is taking action against what it calls its “most toxic” users.

Hundreds of members of the site have been identified, Reddit’s chief executive Steve Huffman wrote.

Specifically, attention is being directed at /r/The_Donald, a subreddit – section – of the site created and used by supporters of the US President-Elect.

Mr Huffman, who posts as “spez” on the site, said he would not ban the section entirely as he wanted to push a “spirit of healing” on the site.

But he has been under heavy criticism after he admitted he had personally edited comments left by users.

“More than anything, I want Reddit to heal, and I want our country to heal, and although many of you have asked us to ban the r/The_Donald outright, it is with this spirit of healing that I have resisted doing so,” he wrote on Wednesday.

“If there is anything about this election that we have learned, it is that there are communities that feel alienated and just want to be heard, and Reddit has always been a place where those voices can be heard.”


2134, 30 November 2016


  1. NHolland

    Mr. Robinson,
    I don’t know why anyone would even bother with Boots and Sabers anymore after you have edited, deleted and ban users, always the liberal leaning users. Silencing people with whom you disagree by trolling your own site as a vulgar threatening sockpuppet is even worse. Well, I guess nobody but Mr. Scheunemann bothers with B & S anymore. So B & S has become an opinion blog dominated by a hypocrite and someone who firmly lands on “the spectrum”. I have trouble giving any credibility to someone who can’t see his own BS or to someone with a mental condition characterized by difficulty in communicating, using language and abstract concepts. I will say I am entertained, almost daily, by the ridiculous bantering. I am amazed and concerned two grown men would waste so much time and energy talking to no-one. It speaks volume’s about your private lives.

  2. Owen

    I don’t know why anyone would even bother with Boots and Sabers anymore after you have edited, deleted and ban users, always the liberal leaning users.”

    That’s an utter lie, and your comment is evidence of it.

  3. NHolland

    How is my comment evidence of it? Either you really can’t see your own BS or you are in denial. I have witnessed such actions. Are you saying you have never deleted a post or banned the liberal leaning. Maybe you should take a stroll through your archives before I do it for you, showing evidence of it and proving you the liar. Interesting, you didn’t address the trolling sockpuppet but no need to address what’s already been proven. You have the ability to do what you want on your blog but don’t be critical of others when you have done similar.

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