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1543, 16 Nov 16

A Divided Nation

I keep seeing story after story about how fractured and divided the nation with Trump’s electoral victory being used as evidence of that fact.

The headline is that Donald Trump won, fairly and legitimately. The takeaway is that this election has highlighted divisions between the races, the classes, those who live in the countryside and those who live in the cities, and those who inhabit ocean-facing and land-locked states that have been growing ever more stark for decades. These disunions appear to have become a permanent feature of the American polity. The underlying story is a familiar one: of polarisation – or polarisation plus plus plus, to bastardise a Trumpism.

Considering that if Clinton had won it would have likely been by a similarly slim margin, does anyone think for a minute that we would be getting these same stories? Why is it that we are only divided when liberals lose?


1543, 16 November 2016


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