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2134, 16 Nov 16

19 Voters Without ID Turned Away

It’s working.

MADISON – At least 19 Wisconsin ballots cast in last week’s elections have been rejected due to voters lacking valid photo IDs, state records reviewed by USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin show.

While a tiny fraction of the more than 2.9 million ballots tallied by state election officials, the number of rejected ballots provide an early look at how Wisconsin’s voter ID law played out in its biggest test to date.

The number of rejected ballots may also continue to rise as election officials sift through hundreds of provisional ballots cast by voters who lacked a valid photo ID on Nov. 8 and had until Friday to produce one. Of the 590 provisional ballots cast because voters lacked a valid ID, 89 have been counted so far, 19 have been rejected and the rest remain under review.

Eight of the rejected ballots were submitted in Madison, five were submitted in Milwaukee and the rest came from across the state. It is unknown which candidates the 19 rejected ballots would’ve helped but the number it too small to make a difference in the outcome of any major contest.

And hopefully it served to deter malcontents who might have wanted to cast a fraudulent vote.


2134, 16 November 2016


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